The cloche is the new beret…

I’ve been wearing a beret since I was 16. It’s kinda my thing – afterall, NOBODY was wearing berets back in the 90s! Of course, nobody was wearing a hand-me down vintage camel coat from their Grandmother either, and I was the only person at my sixth form ball in a handmade dress styled on every Jane Austen adaptation I’d ever seen, but that’s not the point. The coat and the dress had limited wear. Even four years ago I recall my doctor asking me where in the world I had managed to find a beret – she’d wanted one for years…

But now berets are everywhere. The world and his wife are wearing them, Primark are selling them in every colour under the sun, and I look like everyone else in Newcastle’s student-ridden high street. I need a new look – at least until the beret’s day has once more past.

So I was very happy when, on a recent trip to Primark, I found this lovely purple cloche. I have cloches, just not such wearable ones. I’m looking forward to spring when I intend to team my vintage 60s canary yellow cloche with lovely monochrome pieces to recreate Spring’s Gucci catwalk look. And once it gets just a little closer to Christmas (like, December at least) I plan on pulling out my cream Reiss cloche to wear with my lovely red vintage coat. But this hat is a lovely wearable purple with cute buttons to soften and modernise it a bit. Isn’t it pretty?

Purple Primark Cloche

Sorry the pics are so dark by the way peeps, the bulb in our hallway is somewhat – temperamental.

So, what to wear with the hat? I went for this little outfit.


Hat: Primark
Coat: thrifted (with embroidery added to the collar by me)
Belt: Primark
Puffball purple dress: thrifted
Black long-sleeved t-shirt: George at Asda
Boots: Bertie

Anyway, as I’ve said before, Newcastle is not the most fashion-friendly of places. Wearing this around town I garnered my fair share of puzzled looks, mostly from lost chavs (I can only assume they were lost seeing as they were out before 10am) and confused post office workers (yup, still rude). Which is exactly what my beret used to achieve.

I still got it!


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