In search of Charity

I’ve been developing a girl-crush on Charity Wakefield since I first saw her play Marianne Dashwood in last year’s Sense and Sensibility. I did not think anyone could play the part as perfectly as Kate Winslet had, but Charity proved me wrong. I was enamoured with her portrayal of Ethel in Casualty 1907 ( I’m most disappointed that was only three episodes long) and found her enchanting and charming every time I sighted her in the audience at the BAFTAs. She’s beautiful, elegant and poised. Just lovely!

And now I’m even more excited to find out that she is to appear as Grace in Burlesque Fairytales, a film due to be unveiled at this year’s Cannes:

“Welcome to Burlesque Fairytales, a night of revelation at Wiltons Theatre.

At least thats what it says on the flyer. But this 1940s fashionable London audience is in for a surprise. Things are not what they seem at Wiltons and slowly it dawns on them that this is indeed no ordinary night at the theatre. The audience can not remember how they got there, now that theyve arrived; the doors to the theatre are bolted shut. They are trapped inside. The audience convinced that sorcery is at play, are too frightened to make a stand; the compere of the show acts as both guide and tormentor. As the film progresses in real time, the stage play hosts five Burlesque fairytales. In these tales a mixture of stage, film, animation, giant set pieces and the elements playing out inside the theatre create a fantastical story-telling experience. At the heart of each tale is an important message for the audience members. This is personal!”

Excited? Moi? Perhaps, just a little…


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