Prep time

Wanna see what I did with my Sunday afternoon?







And yesterday:








Blenheim Palace was lovely despite the rain. There were roaring fires lit and a brass band leading carol singing in the beautiful long library. Very festive!


7 thoughts on “Prep time

  1. I love the little knitted dollies- and your wrapping puts mine to shame! Filled with envy over your Blenheim trip as well- love the photos!

  2. Just to clarify, I didn’t make the dollies. Just incase you were wondering!

    I haven’t stopped by yours yet today Sarah – have you put any of your pics up yet?

    Patricia – thanks, I LOVE wrapping my presents – always make a big deal of it.

  3. No photos I’m afraid – I haven’t even managed to download them yet! Think a couple got slightly orby because of the rain though.

    Normally I wrap in brown paper and decorate extensively with bits of ribbon and whatnot. Slightly unusual, always looks good and very very cheap!! This year I got free wrapping paper so I figured why not?

  4. The palace looks wonderful. We don’t have anything near as grand around here. I agree about your packages. They look so pretty.

    I’m bad. I just shop at stores that wrap for free. 😉

  5. Just to let you know ladies, the wrapping paper is from Poundland, as are the gift tags, the ribbon is odds I had lying around, and half of the wooden decorations I used as trimmings came in a multi-box for 75p in the Tesco sale! The really nice wooden cut-outs were bought for each specific person at the German market though – but they’re the only expensive trimming I bought! ;D

    It is ridiculously grand, Corey, even for a Stately Home – and although it is absolutely fabulous, I do prefer Chatsworth. At Chatsworth I could almost imagine pulling up in a carriage to be told this was my new home as it felt warm and welcoming – at Blenheim I felt a little like it dressed itself up and looked down rather on its visitors. It was just beyond believable that anyone could possibly live there!

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