Sweet Inspiration

Yup, more 40s chatter. Well, actually, 30s, 40s, 50s – I’m not especially picky!

This afternoon Lauren, Laura and I went to the cinema to watch Baz Luhrman’s Australia. This is a very long film, but I enjoyed every minute! What can I say – fabulous costumes, amazing scenery, a real sob-fest AND Hugh Jackman!! I was very happy! I wasn’t really able to take too much from the costumes, as Nicole Kidman is so beautifully tall and slim – as amazing as she looked I couldn’t pull off the same stylings. I did note her hair though – easy to replicate for a day look.



These are just a few stills from other films I have been drawing inspiration from this week. I’ve been paying extra attention to colour combinations, the shape of the curls in hair-styles, the shade of red worn on the lips and the ways in which colour can be used to make an outfit look more authentically era-specific versus a modern take on a time-frame.

One of my highest ranking blog posts every single day is my Capturing Caroline post, written shortly after I first watched Poliakoff’s Capturing Mary. I was so captivated by Ruth Wilson in this – an amazing redhead wearing bright lipstick and primary colours to striking effect – that I just HAD to blog it. I would never have dared to put someone with such pale colouring in daffodil yellow – but it works! And as for my dream dress in my ideal shade of green with RED shoes… unexpectedly perfect!




The red dress image is actually from Poliakoff’s A Real Summer – but takes us straight back to my post about redheads in red dresses being utterly divine!

Ballet Shoes has also provided inspiration of late. For those not in the know, it’s a 70-something-year-old novel about three orphans who are saved from varying fates and adopted by an explorer. When he doesn’t return from his travels, the girls are forced to go to stage school and act or dance in order to earn house-keeping cash. The story was far superior in the book (as is usually the case), but the costumes in the BBC adaptation were still fantastic. They managed to capture the three unique characters of the leading girls while making all three look attractively land-girls-like. I especially like Emma Watson’s look – the clothes and make-up keep it “of the era” while her hair could very easily be worn in the streets of today without causing anyone to blink!



Of course, Emma Watson is beautiful anyway. I feel strangely proud when I see her act – I feel she’s a real child of Britain having watched her grow up (and learn to actually act!) through Harry Potter. I would never have expected her to turn out to be such a stunner!

Mrs Henderson Presents is a fabulous story, based on true events, of a vaudeville theatre in London which narrowly escaped closure during the Second World War. The costumes in this are good where they exist – there’s a lot of semi-nudity (and some full nudity too) – but the hair-styling is what really caught my attention. A lot of the film involves backstage or rehearsal shots, so the girls are often in rollers or pin-curls. There was one hair-style in particular that I wanted to show (the second image), but I could only find a rather grainy picture, apologies. Still, it looks fairly simple, and one I might attempt to recreate.

mrs-hen-gin mrs-hen-coiff

The lovely Kelly Reilly

Finally, tonight I watched Walk the Line again. And Reese Witherspoon’s June Carter definitely deserves a mention! Those frocks, that hair, that accent, that voice! A performance truly worthy of its Oscar!


If I could persuade my hair to do this I would be truly happy!


1 thought on “Sweet Inspiration

  1. oh how lovely! i have such a strong love for the 20s, 30s and 40s, especially wartime fashion, i am always constantly amazed at the resourcefulness of women in times of need.

    how good was australia though! slightly biased being australian, but i enjoyed it so much… and hugh jackman shirtless completely paid me back the money i put into the ticket. in the cinema you could hear the collective intake of breath. my favourite outfit of nicole’s in the movie was when the luggage got burned and she had to wear the safari shirt and pants, very out of africa, very colonial british wear haha.. i thoguht it was so cool!

    mmm kelly reilly and emma watson are gorgeous, and i love their hair like this. victory rolls, or something, it’s called, right? all of the clothes (when they were wearing some haha) in mrs henderson presents were lovely though.

    and reegarding my post, yes, feel free to do one similar! i’m glad you enjoyed it. i’m not quite sure what a meme is (and by not quite sure i mean not sure at all) but yes… whatever it is.. .do it. hahahaha. 🙂

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