Kitchenalia Collector

This week there has been a brilliant 30 minute programme on BBC2 every evening called Antiques Roadshow Priceless (and yes, even as I type this I am aware that I’ve aged myself by a good 15, maybe 20 years). It’s been a sort of round up of some of the best bits of Antiques Roadshow over the years, with some new features thrown in. On Wednesday evening the show featured collectible kitchenware from the 50s and 60s that, while currently worth little, could potentially become collector pieces in the near future. Particularly notable was the decorated milk glass pyrex, with which I grew up and to which I have a strange attachment.

To the bewilderment of many of my friends, I have been collecting this stuff from charity shops for the last few years, along with other “hideous” odds and ends which I personally find myself inexplicably drawn to. I now have the beginnings of quite a pretty collection, to which I can’t wait to add as and when I find more “bits”. I thought maybe you’d like to see some of the odds and ends I actually have here at the flat – a large number are, admittedly, currently still in Nat and Elena’s attics!


Pretty painted tumblers


Milk glass pyrex – “Carnaby” design, cups, saucers and side plates


Duck egg blue tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl
Behind: larger, daisy pattern tea pot


60s patterned enamel saucepans/frying pan


More painted glassware


My much beloved 49p thermos lemonade jug!

And this is what I wore on Wednesday.


Yesterday I wore my Ghost Town outfit – worn so often I didn’t feel another phtotgraph was necessary! But Wednesdays was the 70s dress I picked up on Saturday. I felt so ladylike in it – the skirt had real fluidity to its movement, and I really wish I could have created a Farrah flick to finish the look!

5 thoughts on “Kitchenalia Collector

  1. The Carnaby design made me stop in my tracjs – my Gran had this when I was growing up, I think there may still be some of it floating about at my parents!

    I am so with you on the so-hidieous-it’s-actually-kistch-and-gorgeous front! Love it. That was too many hyphens :/

    A x

  2. Andrea – would love to see some of yours!! 😀

    Fia – thank you!

    Amy – my friend’s Mum had it too – she thinks it’s hideous and has suggested she may be able to procure me some casseroles/serving dishes from her Mum’s stash. I think it’s lovely! – as you say, so-hideous-it’s-actually-kitsch-and-gorgeous, with all the hyphens included! Cx

  3. I am looking for a Duck Egg Blue teapot .but not having much luck. I do not know if you sell such items nut could you let me know please or any sites that might be able to help?

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