Springing Forward

I’ve had a bit of a busy weekend with the girls (Lauren and Laura). Between fizz and fajitas on Friday, a day of charity shopping in Birmingham on Saturday and an incredibly early morning (for a Sunday!) attending a car boot sale today, it’s been tiring but much fun! No outfit shots – I did take one but it’s ridiculously blurry, so you’ll have to make do with “what I bought” shots instead. Firstly, this morning.

8am isn’t really early, I know, but the clocks sprang forward last night, so it was actually 7am, and I had a late night catching up with an old friend online. I love car boots as they really are one of the few remaining places you can get stuff for literally pence – 20p here, 50p there… I got some household bits:


Nigella tall tins: £1.50 each; Staffordshire pottery jars (now holding flour and sugar): £2 each;
Stately home tin (now holding my stock cubes): 50p; 70s tray: 50p

Yesterday we went charity shopping in Erdington, where I picked up an array of bargains. I’m not going to show you what they are just yet, but some sneaky previews follow. I also got a pretty cup and saucer, a slip, a couple more storage jars and some fabulous padded Per Una black shoes. Since my red ones are so comfy I was going to buy the black versions, but these are just as pretty and should be just as comfortable, less than half the price and second hand to boot!

I was, however, rather naughty and broke my new year’s resolution. In Birmingham we ventured into Primark for Lauren to get some basics. I also needed some socks without holes in and some tights, which are items not included in my secondhand shopping pledge. But while in there I found the most amazing skirt and dress and gave in to the bargain devil. I’m sorry.

Now, sneaky previews:




And this afternoon I baked. Yes, again. I think I have an addiction! I made white chocolate and lemon cupcakes – mmmmm:


Hope you all had lovely weekends too!


4 thoughts on “Springing Forward

  1. I love Nigella stuff – I do have two of her blue storage jars, 3 small tins and a mixing bowl of hers in storage somewhere. It’s gorgeous stuff! xx

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