Grey Day

When did RiverIsland decide to make tights only for skinnies? After weeks of searching for pale grey tights I was overjoyed when, on a whim, I nipped in to check out their hosiery selection and found EXACTLY what I was looking for. I was less overjoyed when, on getting dressed this morning, I found that the tights aren’t designed for we larger ladies. At £6 a pair I was expecting a higher level of quality and a degree of stretch. I was expecting Topshop quality tights – stretchy, spacious, velvet-soft and rich in colour. These tights, when I had finally persauded them up over my thights, left my legs looking somewhat sausage-like – stuffed into a too tight casing. I was forced to replace them with my £2 Primark stripeys – which, incidentally, DO fit a curvier frame.


Dress and shrug: charity shop; shoes: M&S

Sorry for the somwhat blurry pictures – still waiting to hear from Sony about my beloved camera!

As it was raining and I really hate being wet all day, I decided it was actually a wellies day, and tucked my clean hair into a beret to save it getting frizzled in the drizzle (fo’ shizzle!). It worked!

Hat: Primark, embellished by me; socks: Poundland;
pink wellies: can’t remember! Somewhere cheap!


7 thoughts on “Grey Day

  1. Mandi – thank you! That’s very kind of you. Now, if shops like River Island and Topshop would only agree with you and start making clothes big enough for me… I probably still wouldn’t buy them cos of my whole ‘secondhand shopper’ pledge!! 😀

    Joelyne – thanks for dropping by. I’ve only worn it twice, but am quite fond of this dress myself!

  2. I agree, you are not a “larger lady”, they just produce too small tights.

    I am 5′ 8″ ish, on the skinnier side and always end up buying the largest size available, for the length and so that I don’t feel like a sausage. (I once got American Apparel tights (only place I could get to on time for the colour I needed), and they do not make anything larger than M/L, which was still a bit on the small side for me.)

    Cute rain boots!

  3. I totally agree with you on the tights! I’ve never tried river island ones, I was put off by the fact that they’re handwash only, but the accessorize ones are beyond ridiculous! they’re supposedly one size, fits all but the gusset is practically between my knees and I’m a size 12, a 14 at the very largest!

    Love the buttons on the hat too!

  4. Ladies – I’m so glad the tights aren’t just me. The one size thing really bothers me – like I say, Topshop tights always fit like a dream, even sometimes with too much body room to spare (I’ve tucked into my bra before now!) but I can’t imagine what they’d be like on the teeny tiny teens who you so often see shopping there! They must be able to hoik ’em over their heads!

    Mona – thanks! I read today that pink wellies are sartorial suicide – but I too think they’re cute! (Also: hate having wet feet!)

    Franca – I saw buttons on a beret when I was in a cute little shop in Amsterdam a couple of years back – for 25 Euros! I’m afraid my response was to buy a Primark hat and some buttons and recreate my own version. Cheeky, but thrifty!

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