Yup, it’s getting more official by the day – curves are back. And we’re not talking Dita Von Teese or Eva Longoria curves (though those ladies are indeed curvaceous!), but real-world curves – the type you get from eating food, not forcing your waist into a teeny tiny corset. The latest proof of this comes in the form of Kate Moss, whose new figure is “bang on trend” according to the Times. Of course, her weight gain is still packaged up as a fashion statement rather than a middle-30s slowing of the metabolism – heaven forbid anything trend-related could result from the natural passage of time and – ooh, I don’t know – ageing?!

So, here are my top five “bang on trend” shapely women:

Christina Hendricks – yes, I know, we’ve all heard enough about her waist-to-hip ratio now. But with that figure AND a redhead to boot, she’s still my number 1! And for that reason (and because I couldn’t decide which I liked best) she gets three pictures!




My favourite siren combination – red head, red dress!

Kirstie Allsop – this lady knows how to work her waist to real effect. Everything she wears is waisted or belted, brightly coloured and stylised. She rocks the dress and boots look like no-one else, has an enviable collection of fabulous coats and knows how to accessorise. She doesn’t wear trends, she’s one in her own right.


Kate Winslet in Titanic – again with the red hair and curves… think it’s a classical painting thing (like, one of those Botticelli chicks, for those who get the reference). Also, I wanted ALL of her frocks from that film – the beaded number and the stripey suit in particular, as well as the green velvet dress she wore to the Oscars:

Kate Winslet

Nigella Lawson – yes, she’s annoyingly smug and over-sexualised, but if there’s one thing that lady knows how to work it’s her hips. They glide around the sharp corners of her worksurfaces, seemingly sanding down the edges as they go. When this lady”s around everything looks softer!


Finally, my fifth and final voluptuous minx is Juliette Binoche‘s character in Chocolat – fifties curves worthy of Johnny Depp!



Couldn’t resist the opportunity for Depp indulgence!

How about you – who are your fave curvaceous ladies?


6 thoughts on “Voluptuosity

  1. GC – it’s a great movie – if nothing else for the fashion! I have to grit my teeth everytime le mairie takes his scissors to that beautiful floral 50s dress – it’s too pretty to be chopped to bits like that!

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