Book Review: Don’t Tell Alfred

You may remember that one of my new year resolutions was to read something by the Mitford girls. I’ve never read any of their books before, have been widely recommended both The Mitford Girls by Mary S. Lovell and The Mitfords: Letters Between Six Sisters by Charlotte Mosley, but feel I should know their books just a little before I delve into biographical details. After much charity shop scouring, a trip to Oxfam a couple of weeks ago came up trumps with this rather fetching 1960 Penguin edition of Don’t Tell Alfred. Only six months into the year, I know – I do get there in the end!


This little beauty has the advantage of actually being “little”, so I dutifully tucked it into my handbag on Saturday for train-time reading. And it is funny! So funny! It’s falls into that breed of social satire that I find so very apealling – creating humour out of the quirks of the political aristo classes and the situations they find themselves in. It’s a feel-good book, in the same way that Miss Pettigrew was – in that it quite simply leaves you feeling good! It just makes a person beam without really knowing why…

So, should you need a light read to pack in your overnight bag this summer, get thee to Oxfam books (or Green Metropolis, or Waterstones, if you prefer) and pick up some Mitford. She’ll make a drab commute that little bit brighter!


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Don’t Tell Alfred

  1. I have never heard of Mitford but this sounds delightful!
    Things are quietening down for me now although work is still hectic until the end of June. Maybe then we can get on and chat about our new book / sewing super club?

  2. Excellent – sounds good to me! I hadn’t mentioned it as your blog said you still had a lot on – but if you fancy a meet-up sooner rather than later that’s fine by me! I’ll DM you my email address on Twitter – ooh, great, I do love a project!

    Btw, have you heard of the Shoreditch Sisters? They’ve set up under the WI banner to share tips and materials and talk about books over cakes and wine… sounds like a similar model that works!

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