After the weekend’s fun-filled scheduled bus-rides I had thought that I would need some recovery time (read: sleep) before going back to work. So I booked yesterday and today off. Yesterday was, indeed, spent sleeping, catching up with a bazillion (read: 221) emails and doing the general house-keeping chores I usually do on a Saturday afternoon. Also, it was raining and storming like nothing on earth. So, I only left the confines of my flat for a 5 minute jaunt to the corner shop for milk and crumpets (essentials, you understand!), a jaunt which left me looking like a drowned rat:


Today I had a cheque to pay in and parcels to post, so had to head to town. I was determined not to spend, and actually halfway home when I remembered I had promised to pick up a book I’d spotted in a charity shop for my Mum. So, back I went… and once I was checking out one charity shop it seemed rude not to check out the rest! I was looking for books on our book club list, a spacious summer bag I could take to work that would actually carry my lunch box, and other oddments that caught my eye. I came home with:


Spacious summer straw bag: £2


Not on our book club list but very pretty!
The English Roses by Madonna (HB): £2.49

Save the Children on Regent Street is a mid-priced shop particularly good for bric-a-brac (pretty dishes, crockery, baskets, picture frames), 70s bedding and particularly sewing and knitting patterns. Many of you know I can’t actually knit… but I do intend to learn, and at 25p per pattern, these four in particular leapt out:


Three knitted dresses (well, two knitted, one crocheted) – so delightfully 60s and 70s! I’m unlikely to knit the men’s sweater, I confess… but as I said to the lady behind the counter, they’re so pretty, I might just frame them!

And finally, a Vogue dress pattern. The patterns are priced between 50p and £1, this one coming in at £1 as it’s un-cut. I love this dress, with its pleated bodice, full skirt, pockets and button-through styling – a definite summer project.


I like the maxi dress best – what do you think?

Not a bad haul for an impromptu shopping trip!


3 thoughts on “Pattern-happy

  1. I have a request! Any chance you could review the Leamington charity shops!? I have not really had a chance to explore them and I would be interested to know your thoughts on them.

    I love the knitting patterns – I think I would like to learn but I have enought on my crafting plate at the mo!!! I think Rich might have an aneurysm if I say I need more craft stuff!!

  2. Oooh – I like a challenge! Ok, let me spend a bit of time on it and I’ll get back to you over the weekend!

    I did see a huge collection of vari-sized knitting needles in Red Cross for 50 per pair or £5 the lot… but I was restrained! 😀

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