Linkage: Big Girls Browse

Big Girls Browse

This one’s for my curvaceous lady readers. Set up by Gemma Cartwright of Catwalk Queen fame, Big Girls Browse is a one stop shop for:

any woman who’s fed up of pulling on a pair of trousers to find they gape at the waist and pull on the hips. It’s for any woman who has to wear a modesty cami under every top because it’s not cut for women with boobs. It’s for tall women, short women, women with bellies, women with boobs, women with chunky ankles and women who won’t go out in the evening without their magic knickers! It’s for you, the average, normal, everywoman who’s fed up of being made to feel bad about her curves!”

The site lists discounts and offers, advice and inspiration (they had me as soon as I noted their Christina Hendricks feature – y’all know how I love her!) and looks set to be the fount of all big gal knowledge! So go on – get browsing!


3 thoughts on “Linkage: Big Girls Browse

  1. Tried to leave a comment on this yesterday but don’t think it worked. You’d think after almost ten years I’d know how to leave a comment on a blog…!

    Aaaanyway, thank you SO much for this post and for bigging up Big Girls Browse. It really means the world to me to be getting so much support and I’m so excited about the site finally being live. I don’t have half the time I wish I had to dedicate to it, but I’m trying! xx

  2. Sarah – great isn’t it!

    Gemma – you’re welcome! Life does get in the way of doing the things we really want to sometimes, but it seems to me you’re doing a great job of it! xx

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