Well, we just had our second Sew Make Believe meeting, tonight with additional member Becky, and again it felt a great success! I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that we get on – we have sewing, books, the internet, and the fact that we’re all making an effort to socialise in common – but it’s still a lovely surprise to fall so easily into social interaction. As I said to Kate and Lauren on the way home, I never would have thought of setting up a club as a way to make a group of friends – I thought if I was lucky I’d maybe meet one or two lovely ladies. Yet we all seem to enjoy our meetings enormously, and I do feel quite excited about the budding friendships that are developing. It’s a great bonus!




Sweater and tights: Primark; skirt: gift from Celia;
shoes: Dorothy Perkins



Dress: charity shop; shoes: Dotty P’s;
belt: gifted; shrug: George


10 thoughts on “Meetups

  1. Where are your club meetings actually held? I’m in South Brum and just starting to do some sewing so I might be interested in going – it just depends how far away they are!

  2. I meant to say to you last night how gorgeous the red dress was on you!
    I second your comments on the groups and meeting people. Starting a gorup wouldn’t have crossed my mind either but it’s working so well! x x

  3. I’ve just remembered my friend who lives in Warwick is very interested in this group when I mentioned it to her, can you email me details so I can let her have them?

    Enjoy France!

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