More hair stuff – you lucky people!

So I’m thinking the French wedding this weekend may prove quite warm and sticky, making an up-do extra-especially tempting… And I quite like the plait/braid-idea (as long as I don’t look too Heidi) so… guess what? Yup, I’ve been experimenting again!

DSC01494 DSC01490

Scary eyes, eh?! This is the two-braid, symetrical look. It’s quick, easy, and holds everything out of the way! Comfy too, and gives me that volume on top that my face needs.

DSC01499 DSC01500

These make me feel all Carrie Bradshaw! The plait is one-sided, started quite low down, pinned over, then the tail end hidden by the flower. You don’t really get the full effect from these pics, so have some pics with dresses for you below…

Which brings us on to my next problem… I can’t decide which dress to wear!

DSC01501 DSC01509

Or do I wear green for rehearsal (dress: summer party) and floral for wedding proper? I was planning on maxi dress for summer party – it’s the coolest dress I own and I can dance in it… in which case I was planning on green dress for wedding, but I do love floral… Gah, I just can’t decide!

Over to my lovely readers… thoughts?


13 thoughts on “Braidy!

  1. Love the braids.
    I think this floral dress is wonderful for the wedding.
    I think you can wear the maxi dress for the rehersal and flowers for the wedding also.They are very diferent in attitude although they are both floral

    • I do like the floral dress for a wedding, but… here comes the confession… I have a thing about my arms. I hate how blotchy and flabby they are! That’s why I always wear a little shrug or cardi when I’m going out!

      Going to be doing weights all week… then I’ll be able to wear the floral without stressing!

      VOTES: 1 x maxi, 1 x floral?

  2. I like the braid from one side with the flower. If you are going to wear the flower with both dresses shown, then I would do the maxi for the rehearsal just so you don’t repeat your flower. I like the green dress best, but I’ve thought about it for several hours now. Ha! Either one is really pretty.

    • I don’t think I’d wear the flower twice – just with whichever dress I ended up choosing… I think I’m going to wear my hair down for the rehearsal either way (going to ask my lovely friend Chrissie if she’ll rag tie it for me on Thursday night. She’s so good at rag-tying!)

      VOTES: 1 x maxi, 1 x green?

  3. Beautiful girl wear the green on friday night and I will wear my green dress too and we can dance!Maxi dress is AWESOME

    • Hello lovely lady! Thanks for stopping by – looking forward to shaking our thang on the weekend! πŸ˜€ Even better if we’re matching…

      VOTES: 1 x green, 1 x maxi?

  4. Oh, it’s a tough one alright – they’re both gorge! I voted green for rehearsal, floral for wedding, but I could’ve gone either way. Love the hair, too!

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