Do you poken?


Ok, they’re kinda over-cutesy (which I really like, but can’t see your middle-aged suit taking to particularly) but the premise behind Poken is genius. Back in them there olden days, visitors would leave calling cards to alert people of their name, title and standing – and, y’know, to let them know they’d called. These days we use the ol’ faithful business card to share our name, position, company and contact details in much the same way. But Poken take the business card and modernise it, making the whole process electronic – and instant.

Poken 3

So, how does it work? You “high-four” (they have four fingers – see?!) your poken with your new contacts, to instantly share your details. The hand glows green if the information transfer was successful. The hand then pulls out from the body to reveal a USB which plugs into your computer. The old days of sifting through piles of business cards trying to remember which name belonged to which face are over – just choose which contacts to save and which to delete, view their “Poken Card” on the database, and click through to see the social networking profiles they have chosen to share…

They say:

” We’re not another social network. You’ve already got that.
We’ve thought bigger to let you instantly bridge the gap between the people you meet in the real world and those you stay connected to online.”

Whether they’ll catch on I have no idea… but I love the idea – and, yes, the super-kawaii design! Especially the three-eyed little green man!

Are you reading, Poken…? I said I like the three-eyed little green man… 😉


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