Bullet notes

  • Today I discovered Asda peach smoothie. Cartons are 2 for £2.50 and utterly delicious – I highly recommend it!
  • Quiet day today, just two of us in our office and all of downstairs doing stock take in the warehouse. I’ve been beavering away at my new education blog, Wax Crayons – if you’re interested in or have an opinion on education at all do stop by and leave your comments!
  • I’m trying to drop a couple of pounds before the weekend, and someone in my building is cooking something that smells frankly delicious. I’ve had my stir fry, but the aroma of savoury stodge is making me so hungry – it’s just not fair!
  • Luckily I’m off to Ben’s shortly to play pictionary!


Dress: Primark; belt and cardi: charity shops;
shoes: Topshop via Ebay


5 thoughts on “Bullet notes

  1. I don’t think I realised you were a teacher!

    I started my own educational blog too .. but mostly because I started having so many things in my favourites I couldn’t find things.

    It’s http://www.my-ict.blogspot.com and it’s based on ICT since that’s what I teach this year. It’s a little neglected lately just like Style Plus. When I have a little more time I’m going to add to both again. It does have some terrific links in the blogroll though if you’re looking for ICT activities.

    • Deborah-lee.

      Ahh, I’m not a teacher, I’m an educational publisher. But quite a few of my friends and family are teachers, and being involved in education I have to keep ahead of curriculum changes to ensure we’re publishing the right resources.

      I’ll check out your blog when I have 5 minutes – always good to find useful links for the blogroll, and for inspiration! 🙂

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