Sabai Sabai

On Saturday night my friend Adelle and I decided to go out for Thai food. On our way to my usual Thai restaurant we were walking past Sabai Sabai and I mentioned that I’d heard good things about them… so we went in to see if they could accommodate us. And they could!

The food was delicious, but rather than bore you with elaborate descriptions I’m just going to let you slavver over the pictures. Suffice to say everything – food, wine, service – was fantastic! (And the scallops were particularly good!)


Toong Thong (Money Bags)
– minced chicken and prawn parcels with sweet chilli dipping sauce


Crispy tempura scallops with sweet chilli and garlic dipping sauce


King Prawn Kra Tiem Prik Thai – king prawns in garlic and pepper sauce


Chicken Pad Kra Prao – chicken in thai herb sauce

After dinner we went to Voodoo for cosmopolitans (served in tumblers – what’s that all about?!) and managed to annoy a patron because we were sitting outside but not smoking. I know smokers can’t do so indoors any longer, but must have missed the point at which non-smokers were confined to the inside of bars… the slightly tipsy lady in question wanted to sit where we were so she could smoke in comfort. There were other tables free, but ours was near the door and the outdoor heaters. She was rather put out that we were neither happy for her to join us or willing to move. In fairness, if she was worried about the cold she could have worn something a little more covered up… there was a quite lot of her on show… but now I’m just getting bitchy. I do that when I’m irate!

Oh, and one more pic, trying to capture the gorgeous sunset and failing miserably…


I’ve no idea what the bunting is for, but it sure looked pretty!


8 thoughts on “Sabai Sabai

  1. The food looks wonderful! I’m especially intrigued by the little packets in the first picture.

    Rude tipsy smokers…I shouldn’t even get started.

    Glad you had a nice time!

  2. Mmmm….. it’s making me all hungry seeing the pics of tea! I’ve just been looking to see if I can find a nice Thai around here.

    I hate the way smokers think they own the outdoors now- after miserably losing the battle for indoors.


    • I know – every time I think back to that delicious food my mouth starts watering again! So glad we shared it all – otherwise I would have been looking at yours rubbing my tummy… 😀

  3. The food looks delish….I want some NOW!
    The rude, tipsy, halfdressed…for want of a better word: ‘eedjit’ (Scottish slang for idiot)….needs a frontal labotomy.
    I hate walking out of somewhere, anywhere, and into someones smoke…it’s tragic…I DO NOT want to passively smoke…..when you’ve just had lovely food and are enjoying a drink.
    If those people seen some of the people I seen who have lung cancer…perhaps they’d have a quick rethink.
    Thick people that do that is one of my pet hates 😦

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