Rush job

This week has mostly seen me running around like a headless chicken, trying to recall my A-level French far enough to complain loudly at the car hire people who accepted our reservation then let us know that there were no cars left (in the whole of France, apparently!) and navigate my way around train timetable websites and the like. Until the end of today the situation was that we wouldn’t be able to attend the  rehearsal dinner on Friday as we simply could’t get there in time – the trip from Carcassonne Airport to the nearest station, Puylaurens, takes a grand total of 4 hours and required us to go into Toulouse and back out again. That’s before we’d got a taxi out to the actual venue – by which time the rehearsal fiesta will be 20 mins off “over”. Needless to say, I was gutted.

But then lovely Laura phoned up to say they’d got a bigger car than expected and could pick us up. So now we’re right back at the original plan and all the stress has lifted!

Anyway, no picture yesterday for two reason – 1) you’ve seen my black and red polka dot dress outfit a hundred times already (it’s a failsafe of mine) and 2) I overslept and simply didn’t have time. Having overslept, I didn’t have time for a full-blown row with my temperamental hairdryer either, so went to work with wet hair in a plaited bun – which is why today’s look is a loose and wavy… I like it!


Top: Dotty P’s; skirt: gift; shoes: so old I don’t remember!

My body is misbehaving rather this week too. I’ve been detoxing and making a real effort with the ol’ exercise routine, but rather than leaving me feeling brighter and energised as it usually does, it seems to be draining me. I feel sluggish, my limbs feel heavy and tired, every step is an effort. I don’t know what it’s playing at!


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