Things for Cie…

I know, I’m not even in the country right now, but while I’m off enjoying the French sunshine/wine/probably cheese I thought I’d share some of the lovely gifts I’ve recently received with you! I know, I know, such a lucky girl!

First up, last weekend my friend Adelle came to visit, an presented me with the prettiest housewarming present:


Isn’t she gorgeous? She matches my doily-coasters and reminds me of a lot of the Laura Ashley stuff. And I can tell you with some authority now that those chocolate flowers? Were delicious!

Second up, mid-last-week a parcel arrived for me from Nottingham. It was from Laura, who works in a library and had seen this book consigned to the rubbish and salvaged it for me! It’s a beautiful book with pages and pages of clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products from 20s catalogues and advertisements. It really is AMAZING!


It was so difficult to choose pages to show you, there are so many…


…So I just opened it twice at random and took pictures of those!


Finally, on my way back from the ball in Cornwall two weeks ago I got an excited text from Lauren saying she had a present for me! Remember my Lord Nelson 60s casserole dish that I loved? Well, she’d been to a car boot sale and picked up the dish that the Lord Nelson cruet set sits in!


The cruet set no longer sits in this one… my cheese grater lady does though!

As she bought this the stallholder said it was a real pity she hadn’t been 5 minutes earlier as he’d had a storage jar in perfect condition in the same pattern… but a chap had just bought it. When Lauren got to the car she discovered the “chap”? Was her Dad! And he let her have the jar for lucky lil’ me!


It now has pride of place on my windowsill!


4 thoughts on “Things for Cie…

  1. (I’m catching up on my blog reading)

    That teapot is beautiful – so sweet and dainty!

    And that catalog book has jogged something in my memory – I think my public library as a child had something similar; I remember looking at the beautiful outfits and impossibly-low prices.

    • Been doing the big catch up myself today!

      The teapot is lovely isn’t it?

      Funny how you can forget a book completely until prompted! And yes – impossibly low prices (though not really I guess!)

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