The Dress

For the benefit of my more recent readers, almost two years ago now my fiance ended our relationship of 8 years. It was three months before the wedding, and as such the most part was organised. One organised element was my dress, which had been found and ordered, and which I really couldn’t, at the time, face picking up or seeing or – well really face at all.

So, my wonderful friend Nat collected it for me, wrapped it up safe and warm in an old duvet cover and deposited it in her spare room wardrobe. And there it stayed until this week.

Nat’s spare room is now Nat’s office. The wardrobe is no more. So, on Wednesday night, the dress arrived at mine.

And it is still the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. Last night I hung it on the outside of my wardrobe (I haven’t yet worked out where to store it…) and I couldn’t stop looking at it. The detail, the beading, the lace – everything about it is exquisite. It’s not white, or even ivory (I am too pale for either colour) but a soft, warm light gold that practically glows. I’m so excited about potentially wearing it one day!

Natalie joked about me trying it on, about me lacing myself into it and sitting in front of the telly with a beer a la Friends, but there’s no way. I chose this baby out of the hundreds in the shops, the dozens I tried on, out of dress after dress that was slipped over my head and laced tightly by multiple shop-assistant hands. (FYI, if you’re self-conscious at all about your body, wedding dress shopping will either make or break you. If you can overcome the fear and stand in your bra and knickers in the middle of a boutique while shoppers browse around you and shopgirls pull your boobs into position/stuff your bra with chicken fillets, you can overcome anything!) I tried on more hoops, petticoats, veils and tiaras than in my wildest little-girl-dreams to find this one perfect dress…

I’m keeping this beauty for “best”! 😉


9 thoughts on “The Dress

  1. You forgot to mention that the sizing on those wedding dresses is horribly unfair. I think I was wearing an 8 when I bought my wedding dress which was a size 14! Yes, shopping for a wedding dress is something of an experience.

    I can’t wait to see you in this dress someday. It sounds marvelous!

    BTW, I take my dress out every so often and wear it around the house for kicks, and I’ve worn my tiara more times than I can count for all sorts of events. Because I *AM* a princess! 😉

  2. Now I’m dying to know what it looked like.
    Around here, depending on the place you go to, nobody sees you in your underpants. Only if you brave the huge dress sales that happen, say, once a year.
    I’m glad you still love it.

  3. I can not wait to see this dress I bet it is wonderful- even though things did not work out for you in your relationship I think its positive that it happened before you had a chance to wear the dress, now you can save it for a really truly special and happy day. You are a beautiful girl!

  4. It sounds like a beyond perfect dress for you lovely C. As difficult as I imagine it was to have to face it again, I think that your wonderfully positive way of looking at it is so inspiring – that it is ‘your’ dress and not just ‘the’ dress. You will wear it one day, of that I am sure.

    A x

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