Confession time: this is a new dress. I know, I know, I said no “new” clothes this year…

…but as Chrissie and I were killing time at the airport on Friday we accidentally “fell” into the Monsoon 70% off sale…

…and having trawled the shops and ebay trying to find the dress I borrowed from Annie at the hag do, I was struck by how alike this one was and how much potential wear I would get from it…

…and no, I haven’t even managed to convince myself here. But I betcha it becomes a firm favourite of mine. And my favourites get worn either for years on end or until they’re too shabby for public viewing. And then they sometimes become house-dresses! So :P!


Dress: Monsoon; shoes: gift (M&S)

Anyway, in a bit of a hurry tonight as we have an SMB meeting at 8pm and am cooking curry for Lauren, Kate and possibly Ben before hand. It’s really just an elaborate excuse for Lauren and Kate to see the dress before it goes into storage, but at least it means I get company for dinner too! Woo!


5 thoughts on “Shame-faced

  1. Gorgeous dress. What does the neckline look like? I can’t believe you’ve gone 8 months without buying anything new. You’re a stronger woman than I am!

    This dress would be awesome with red accents. Just sayin’. Plus…at 70% off, it was a steal, I’m sure!

  2. Cecilia: Monsoon do make beautiful dresses!

    Corey: The neckline is a crossover v-neck with embroidery to match the hem. Unlike Annie’s dress was, it’s quite modest – definitely office appropriate!

    I’ll def try it with red! And yes, it was a steal 😀

    Rachael: thanks!

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