Saturday? Must be picnic time!

That’s right folks – I had yet another picnic this weekend! Maybe the best things in life really are free! But let’s start again…

After work Friday I set to work baking in preparation for Si and Ellie’s visit. I made:


Salmon, feta and spinach pie


Chocolate cupcakes with nutella filling
and cocoa buttercream frosting

On Friday night I went with Kate to see her hubby’s band Quaid play in Warwick. It was a scary old man kinda pub (there were tankards behind the bar!) and they played classic covers which went down pretty well. I haven’t been to a small gig in so long, I’m afraid I regressed right back to my mis-spent youth, Friday nights at the Red Rose in Rugely, or following our mates’ band Silversurfer playing dive pubs in the Cannock and Wolverhampton environs… I loved every minute!


Dress and shoes: Ebay; belt and necklace:
charity shops; cardi: Topshop: hair bow: H&M

On Saturday morning I got up early (for a Saturday!), cleaned, iced the cupcakes and made myself pretty for Ellie and Si’s arrival.


Cardi: George; shoes: Dotty P’s;
dress: charity shop; belt: gifted

They brought some picnic bits too, and we went straight to Jephson Gardens to meet Ben and Lauren for pie, mini sausage rolls and party eggs, rice salad, houmous, king prawns marie rose, pasta salad, fresh avocado, crisps… basically every good thing! It was delicious!


Lunch in Jephson Gardens


Mmmmmm, cupcakes!

Saturday night we went out for curry at Kismet, which was absolutely delicious as always. I had a lamb dish – Sagwala Gosi Lahore – which was a bit spicier than I like, but still very tasty – I do love my spinach!

This morning we went to a car boot sale between Leamington and Kenilworth. It was a huge sale, and I found a couple of bits and pieces…


Pyrex spice jars: Ā£1 for all five


Ā£1.80 worth of notions (buttons, dressmaker’s chalk, elastic and a vintage
Embassy needle booklet complete with needles) from this stall:


And Simon bought some computer games. Afterwards we brought the car home and set out to walk along the canal to the next village and the White Lion pub where we had some lunch – in my case poached salmon with rocket and apple salad, new potatoes and a dill yoghurt sauce. We sat in the beer garden in the sunshine and chatted – it was a lovely relaxing afternoon!


Simon ponders the light…

When I got back to the flat, Kate had been round and dropped off some felt I need for a current project. I pottered about and did some chores, then went to Ben and Lauren’s for dinner – meatballs cooked in Ben’s “special gravy” – delicious!


Pink felt from Kate!

A great end to a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “Saturday? Must be picnic time!

  1. yum did you make those lovely pieces of food? You always manage to find lovely retro and vintage clothing, it’s hard to find good stuff here. Love those pyrex containers!

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