Wishlist Wonderfuls

Following Domestic Sluttery on Twitter has begun to strike me as a bit of a parson’s egg. As they post more and more covetable items I mentally see my bank balance rapidly decrease… but simultaneously get to exercise that little-used muscle that is my willpower!

Rather than spend the pennies I don’t have today I have decided to share their finds with you, lovely lovely people, in the hope that you’ll go out and splurge then tell me how you “just had to buy” in the comments, allowing my to get my buzz vicariously!

First up, as a somewhat avid writer of letters, notes and cards, I am inexorably drawn to anything envelope shaped. As such I think this coin purse is the most darling little thing I’ve seen in ages!


Vintage envelope purse: £12.95 from Aspire Style

And secondly, one for my fellow cooks – who no doubt, like me, have piles of recipes printed off the internet lying around the kitchen! I have three handwritten cookbooks now, but just keep collecting more recipes… and this would make a lovely gift to hand down through the generations with those special family recipes inside.


Recipe Book – Cuisine, £12 from Lytton and Lily

Which reminds me, I’ve been meaning to get some christmas cookbooks together for my family for years – with my Granddad’s pickled eggs recipe, my Gran’s puddings, my Mum’s mince pies, my Dad’s ham, Ben’s cranberry sauce, Aunty Anne’s Christmas cake… maybe this is the year!


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