Seasonal Affective Boredom

Have you noticed that my outfit shots have been lacking of late? This is because I’ve reached that point in the season when I’m sick of all my clothes. I do not want the summer to end – I like the warmth and the sunshine, the light mornings, the walks, barbeques and picnics – but I do prefer AW clothing. There’s something about long leather gloves and knee boots, rich jewel tones and autumnal ambers, wooly tights and snug knits that I’m just so much better suited to, and about mid-way through every August I begin to look forward to that start of September morning when I’ll feel the first nip of the new season in the air.

But, there is still quite some summer to enjoy, and with the temperature in parts of the country hitting the 30s today I opted for layers, an air-con essential. I don’t usually wear a vest to work (I think bare arms/shoulders are office inappropriate) but I knew I’d be walking to and from town on my lunch hour and thought I might appreciate the option!

DSC01849 DSC01852

Skirt: Select; vest and cardi: Primark; shoes: Dotty P’s

Oh, and here’s yesterday’s outfit too, which I also wore to movie night with the girls last night. We ate dip, marshmallow cupcakes and pic n mix, told scary stories in the dark and watched Wall-E. I cried. And yes, we are all still 12 years old at heart!


Top: Primark; skirt: George; shoes: Debenhams


4 thoughts on “Seasonal Affective Boredom

  1. I like today’s skirt too!

    I was in a store today shopping for an outfit to bring home baby in and was drooling over a purple argyle sweater and skirt set. I love fall clothes as well. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my pocketbook), I won’t be buying anything new since I’ll be pregnant until October and then “de-fluffing” the post baby weight for the rest of the year.

    I haven’t seen Wall-E, but at least I know to prepare to cry. 😉 If you ever see the movie “Up” by Disney/Pixar, prepare yourself with a box of tissues. I bawled through the whole thing!

  2. I’m glad you approve of the skirt ladies! I haven’t worn it in a while now.

    Corey, I can’t decide whether being pregnant through autumn would be great for me – for financial reasons – or horrendous because I couldn’t buy all the beautiful rich colours and warm accessories I love. I guess it would be worth it either way!!

    It’s my favourite season though. I’ve always said the English Midlands have the most beautiful autumns, but was reading recently that it’s apparently true. There’s something in the soil that makes the leaves turn richer colours in autumn here than elsewhere. I’ll be sure to post some pics.

    I’m not sure Wall-E is a crier for any reason other than the typical Disney… but if you cry at Cars then I’m not liking your chances of staying dry-eyed!

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