Flirty thirties


Fingers crossed, the girls and I will be attending a 30s themed evening next month. In excited anticipation I have been trying to plan 1930s hair and make-up, checking online tutorials and bugging various fabulous vintage bloggers for tips and advice! After a few experiments, here is my best attempt at 30s styling. I’m actually chuffed with how this came out!

Enormous thanks go to Fleur De Guerre and Miss Matilda for their help and advice!


7 thoughts on “Flirty thirties

  1. This is not because I’m your mum! That style looks gorgeous and will be perfect for the 30’s do. Very hard to do with short hair though! (I’m reading your blog backwards since returning from Scotland)

    • I couldn’t get my hair cut before this anyway… I haven’t QUITE decided to go for the chop yet. So many people have said they like my hair long, and I’ll have plenty of time for shorter hair…

      It does work though, doesn’t it – much better than any of the other up-dos I tried anyway! 😀

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