Hair today

Do you get the idea I’m getting really fed up with my long hair? I spend so much time trying to find new styles that suit me and end up long and loose every time. I’m now wondering about getting it cut.

I do this periodically – grow it out only to cut it all off again (and, usually, dye it auburn!). Every time I spend ages trying to grow it out I promise myself I won’t cut it again… then persuade myself that if it’ll grow this long in two years there’s not much point worrying…

But there’s this little voice in my head that says “you can’t have long hair forever – one day you’ll be too old for it! Enjoy it while you can!”

This voice usually ends up cut off as my hair is.

So I guess the question is, shall I go back to the bob? If I do, do I dye it too? Do I get the fringe put in? How short should I go?? To help you decide here areΒ  couple of pics of my hair in various states of “bob” before, and a faux bob I attempted last night:

New auburn bob Auburn Bob

Choice A: Auburn bob with fringe, newly dyed in pic 1, faded dye in pic 2

Choppy Bob Blonde Sleek Bob

Choice B) choppy bob in pic 1, Choice C) sleek bob in pic 2, both natural hair colour

Curl bob Highlighted waves

Choice D) curled bob with light copper brown colouring in pic 1,
Choice E) highlighted waves in pic 2

Last night’s faux bob (natural hair colour)

Pink Wig Rod Stewart wig

Pink wig versus Rod Stewart wig!!

The last two I threw in for good measure – I don’t actually intend to go down either route… please vote or leave me a comment with your opinion!


15 thoughts on “Hair today

  1. I can relate to that. Whenever I have my hair short I think how good it would be to have it long and vice-versa, the same happen with the fringe, and the coloring.Always with the idea that some day I’ll be too old to wear it long.
    I think you have a beautiful hair-colour . Why don’t you try to only cute some fringes and layer it?

    • Thanks hon! πŸ˜€

      I like that look because it has that real rock chick edge to it that I like. It was really easy to maintain too – quick run through with the straighteners in the morning.

  2. I think the blonder wavy bob is the best, it looks young and sexy. A little surfy and makes you look glowing and healthy! First choice!

    • Hi Katie, thanks for commenting! I know what you mean about the surfy look – I think that’s pretty much what I was aiming for with that one! Once I’d highlighted it was really easy to do too…

  3. Oh I love the choppy bob! Probably mainly because I’m a choppy ‘pob’ kinda girl myself (fyi – I had the ‘pob’ before posh, I have the photos to proove it!) Anyway, side-tracked – loving the auburn colour as well as how you have it now, so basically – I am of no hair-related use whatsoever!

    I’m sure it’ll be wonderful whatever you decide C!

    A x

  4. I love them all πŸ™‚ I voted for sleek just because it seems most compatible with your style (clothes makeup &etc) now, but the wavy one is adorable too – absolutely transforming! I guess it boils down to, do you want to change your hair, or do you want to change your LOOK?

    • I’d never thought of it like that! But you’re right – to be fair I can make the wavy one out of the sleek bob – I think those pictures were the same hair cut just styled differently… so technically I could have one hair cut but alter my look to suit my mood… πŸ˜€

  5. When you get the itch to cut your hair, it usually gets cut! All I would say is the usual mum comment ‘Your natural colour is beautiful and it#s a shame to colour it’! Of course as you get older it will fade and then need some help from the bottle, but not yet.
    By the way, who is the scary lady in Pic 1? Do you know you look just like Christina (My Cousin)in the highlights/waves pic! Am going to send her a link!

    • I think I’m probably going to go Granny’s colour when I’m old enough to ‘need’ to colour my hair – which is probably why I like to go down the auburn route now.

      As for cousin Chris – you always say that!! πŸ˜€ I’ve a photo of me, Chris and Emma on the beach in Devon that summer I went to visit, where Emma and I could easily be sisters and Chris our Mum… Yet people always tell me how like you I look, so I guess you and Chris must look alike too!

      Did you look at my thirties hair pic?

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