Panic mode


My laptop has died. I was happily chatting away on facebook last night and it made some angry clicking sounds then froze. I restarted, and now all I get is the mac sound then a lit blank screen and a slight clicky whirring.

I’m in a total state of panic. As sad as it sounds, that laptop is my life. If anyone has any advice at all it will be very gratefully received…

*sits in corner and cries quietly*

UPDATE: Have had an email from John Lewis saying that my laptop is still in warranty! So big smiles here! May, however, require trip to Apple Genius Bar for data recovery (hoping around £150 – local data recovery service quoted me £550, so infinitely superior, relatively speaking!).

UPDATE TO UPDATE: Strike that. NOT under warranty. It wasn’t bought from John Lewis as it turns out, but Fenwicks, whose warranty is only 1 year. Sorry for the language but SHIT.


9 thoughts on “Panic mode

  1. Not yet, no. Don’t even know where all my paperwork is!! Am hoping Ben will dig it out for me from my Mum’s tonight, and that it’ll be in 2 year warranty, like most John Lewis purchases!

  2. The exact same thing happened to me & my MacBook! I feel bad for you, ‘cos I know it’s heartbreaking!

    Does a folder with a flashing question mark appear when you start up? Unfortunately, I think the clicking noise generally means your hard drive is dead! 😦 Hopefully you made regular back-ups? If not, I believe you can take it to an Apple Store & they can try & retrieve as many files as possible (for a fee, of course!)

    I would Google whatever it is that you see / hear happening & see if anyone has come up with a solution.


    • Heartbreaking is just the word! 😦

      I don’t get the flashing question mark, just a lit blank screen and nothing. Being dense I haven’t made back-ups – am hoping that some of it can be retrieved… all my photos are on there! 😦


  3. So sorry to hear that hon. I’ve no advice as I’m not a Mac user – other than to do a Carrie – wrap in a pashmina & take it to see what can be retrieved.
    But I completely understand that you are gutted – I would be too if my laptop died. You should see me when the internet goes down!

    (*makes mental note to burn all pics to CDs tonight*)

    • I wanted to do a Carrie – have been trying to find an A&E for macs, but they don’t seem to exist outside of NYC!! Also, rather than a pashimina I have put mine in it’s carry case… but I did cradle it all the way to work this morning – I can’t bring myself to leave my poor sick baby at home! 😦

  4. I thought of Carrie instantly too! I’m not a Mac gal either, but my old PC died on me and I lost everything – total nightmare so I utterly sympathise my lovely. In the long run, it was oddly liberating though – fresh start, new beginnings. Really hope you can get it sorted C!

    A x

    • I’m kinda feeling like I can actually live without my files. All my best photos are on facebook – low res, but there none-the-less. All my music files are on Euan’s PC still, and my most recent CV is, well all over the place (Monster, Guardian jobs, LinkedIn, my sent emails box)!! I’m going to lose all my creative writing – that’s the real kick-in-the-stomach – but otherwise, I’m sure I’ll cope…

      What I can’t live without is a laptop. And I simply can’t afford a new one at the moment. Still, lovely people have loaned me something to tide me over, and am sure I’ll manage to get hold of one eventually… but it won’t be my baby!


  5. Oh man. That SUCKS! As a person who took her wireless router on vacation with her, I understand the need for internet! I sure hope you get things sorted out. I can’t help much, I’m a PC. Hubs is a Mac, but I see from your other posts that you have had some nice guys helping you out.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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