Why (just sometimes!) boys rule

I know there are lots of super-whizz computer girlies out there. I wish I was one of them, but sadly I’m not. And I don’t know many of them. What I do know are super-whizz computer boy-types.

When my laptop froze and crashed and I went into panic last night, my former colleague/friend Tony got straight on the interwebs researching the problem. By the time I arrived at work today my colleague/his neighbour, Nick, had already arrived at work with Tony’s spare mac in the boot to tide me over. Not only did he bring it in for me, Nick also drove it round to mine at lunchtime AND carried it up the stairs to my little flat. Meanwhile, frantic tweets on twitter resulted in another (former/freelance) colleague, Ant, offering suggestions for data retrieval and providing a disk, and Euan hunting out the receipt… whilst on facebook a lad I knew at school offered advice on data recovery and storage and Ben… well, Ben reminded me that the original packaging in which I thought the paperwork might be lurking had in fact been thrown out in the last Big Spring Clean, which wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, but helpful (in so far as it probably saved quite a lot of frantic beneath-the-bed searching) none-the-less.

Unfortunately, the receipt had done a disappearing act, and as it turned out the laptop wasn’t purchased from John Lewis at all, but from Fenwicks, whose warranty ended in February. But thanks to these super-helpful boys I have an eMac to tide me over already in situ and may possibly be able to retrieve some or all of my lost data… And I have that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from being rescued from the swirling mists of technological dispair.

Yup. Sometimes boys rule! 😀


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