Sleepover Swap

Sleepover Swap

A few months back I signed up to Mrs Thrifty’s Sleepover Swap. I was paired with the lovely Claire from Dolly Dollop, who is an expert crafter and a lover of all things Cath Kidston. We exchanged addresses this week, and my parcel arrived bright and early this morning, wrapped  in layers of bubbble wrap and sealed with the prettiest floral parcel tape I’ve ever seen!

So, being a little on the lazy side on my rare free Saturdays, I made myself a cup of tea, popped Pride and Prejudice in the DVD player and took my parcel back to bed with me to unwrap in comfort.

It was like Christmas morning! (Only without other people… or stockings… ok, maybe more like a birthday…)

(And I have no idea what these “display image at actual size” tags are all about!)



Pink Packages

So… what was inside?


Beautiful bag in gorgeous blue fabric, and a note on a stunning ‘the black apple‘ postcard from hugely talented artist (and blogger), Emily. I’ve been coveting her work for months now – going to frame this!


Next up, pampering goodies: a bath bomb from Lush (I have plans for using this baby next time I go to Nat’s – it smells divine!), a manicure kit and handmade mask and head band to keep all my hair out of my face!

Bath bomb



This sweet little mirror is engraved with Sweet Dreams, but my amateurish photography simply couldn’t capture it!


And this lovely birdy mobile will hang in the corner of my bedroom:


And finally…


Am I allowed a favourite? Because if I am I’m head-over-heels in love with these covered coat hangers! They’re so pretty, and perfect for hanging my loveliest dresses!

Hangers Close

I did take pictures of all my swap items before I sent them to Claire, but they’re on my macbook… so probably lost forever! Luckily, I wrote a Sew Make Believe blog post about the handmade elements before my laptop crashed, so at least a couple of pictures were saved. Hop on over to the Sew Make Believe blog to see what I made (I’m not putting it on here in case Claire’s parcel hasn’t arrived yet!).

I’m so overjoyed with my parcel, and so pleased that I was paired with such a generous and accomplished blogger. I’ll definitely be participating in another swap soon! Thank you Claire! xx


3 thoughts on “Sleepover Swap

  1. Catching up on a few posts at once here…

    Caroline, I just love these gifts you’ve received. Those hangers remind me of my granny. She always made things like those as gifts. I still own a crotched one she made for me before I was born. Guess she was hoping for a boy, since it’s blue 😀 .. I also have another she made not long before she died. It always has my favourite item of clothing hanging on it.

    Sorry to hear about your laptop. My PC with all my photos died about 6 months ago. I still haven’t got rid of it because I have some hope that one day I’ll plug it in and miracles of miracles it will be working again!

    HAIR .. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your choppy bob hairstyle. I used to have waist length hair, and remember how much it took to look after it. While you have loads of options for styling it, the actual length was not flattering for me at all. I did go to below shoulder length and that let my hair swing a lot more and I loved it .. so I went “whole hog” and cut it to a very short bob!! I think, since you seem to love styling your hair into different looks, a long bob might be the best. That way you can still pin and style it, but have the extra freedom of styling it down (ie curly, punkish.. etc)

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