Three times a lady…

Last time I wore this dress Corey asked what the neckline was like. I’ve included all three of this morning’s snapshots as I hoped to give you a better idea…

Three times a lady

Dress: Monsoon; shoes: Moda in Pele

Promise I’ll write soon, but right now I have so much I’m trying to sort out…


4 thoughts on “Three times a lady…

  1. Hi, sorry ,totally unrelated comment but as a fellow lover of red shoes ,I saw these on my travels and thought of you (which is probably more than a little bit wierd ,considering we are complete strangers ), shiny, bows and a bargain to boot , what more does a girl a need *grin*.

    • Oh wow, Zoe, they’re GORGEOUS! I love M&S shoes lately – they’re so often spot on!

      And it’s not so weird – I have to remind myself I’ve never actually met some of my co-bloggers quite often, I feel like I know them! It’s actually quite touching that total strangers know my tastes! 😀

  2. I really, really, really like that dress! I think it has surpassed the black & white skirt in my list of favorites. I guess I am just a sucker for black & white.

    And the shoes that Zoe linked to are just adorable! They remind me of the shoes I wore for tap class as a child.

    • Well, after reading this comment I’m wearing the black and white skirt today! 😀 I’d forgotten it for a while!!

      Goregous shoes aren’t they – yes, absoutely remind me of tap shoes.

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