Our company are currently recruiting. Yesterday our company were interviewing. Which naturally meant that my colleagues and I were nosying…

Quite late in the day a new car pulled up outside, a young brunette got out of the car and went to her boot. She was wearing jeans and a long cardigan, which we all thought somewhat inappropriate for an interview. Then she got a couple of boxes with bows on out of the back – this was our first clue that she was not an interviewee! 😀

What she was, was a rep from Cognition who had brought us these:


Cognition are a branding, marketing, PR and communications company with a cupcake as their logo. I can’t decide whether bringing cupcakes into the office was a genius stroke in getting us to talk about them, to read their literature and to wrack our brains trying to work out “why cupcakes?” or a bit of a waste of time seeing as over half of the staff, while excited by said cupcakes, jumped to the immediate conclusion that they were in fact all about catering and left it there. I’m tempted to go with the former, but that’s only because I’m naturally curious…

(Read as: nosy!)


No matter, these delicious freebies went down a treat for elevenses today – and my colleagues were even kind enough to offer the obligatory “They’re not as scrummy as yours!” speech!

I’m off home tomorrow for a long weekend in celebration of my Mum’s birthday. We’re taking her out for Chinese tomorrow night, and contemplating lovely walks over Cannock Chase if the weather holds. In which case I promise to provide dog-walking snaps next week!


Cardi, top and shoes: charity shops;
skirt: gifted

I hope all my English readers have a pleasant bank holiday weekend, and may I take this opportunity to recommend you do something fabulous – not only does this pretty much mark the end of summer, it’s also the last bank holiday before we start the home stretch to (horror of horrors) Christmas! Dark evenings from here on in… (Cripes, that’s depressing!)


4 thoughts on “Cognitive

  1. Yay Christmas hehehe!!!
    Cupcakes look divine, I hope they tasted as good as they look – but obviously not as good as yours ….or mine ;)!!!
    Have a great weekend – instruction to do something fabulous noted…..though I really want to do a car boot sale and offload some (read lots) of old clothes…not exactly fabulous!!

  2. I think the cupcake is a great logo. Who doesn’t like cupcakes?!? Crazy people and anorexics I’d guess.

    Have a great holiday weekend and happy birthday to your mom!

  3. The cupcakes look too good to eat.
    I’m still not used to Canada holidays but I think there is still Thanksgiving day before Christmas.
    By the way, did i already teel you that I send you a great read award?If not, I did.
    Congratulations to your mom on her birthday.

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