Bedtime Stories Book Review: The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

This is a fantastic bedtime story book as, although there’s a thread running through, each chapter is a stand-alone story in its own right, wrapped up in Gaiman’s creative and fantastical prose. I cannot wait to pass this on, maybe even read it aloud*, to children – it’s the sort of book I would have adored!

I could easily see this book converted to TV. Each character, being a ghost, comes from a different era and therefore has their own historical context. I could imagine this expanded into a “Horrible Histories” style of programme, using Gaiman’s wonderful and imaginative stories to improve children’s knowledge of both historical fact and traditional myth.

*In September I start one afternoon a week reading and listening with children at a local school. It is actually a Soroptimist scheme, but my line manager has very kindly recognised the benefits an educational publisher would take from having insider knowledge of a modern classroom. I’m really looking forward to attempting to spread my passion for reading and share my favourite stories with some of the local kids.

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