Hat Pins

Domestic Sluttery sent me reeling in the direction of these little beauties from the V&A shop. Gorgeous brooches, I’d like one to adorn my soon-to-be-excavated winter cloche (it’s currently buried somewhere under the bed in the depths of my winter clothing suitcases…) Aren’t they pretty?!

Cloche hat brooch

Cloche Hat Brooch: £10

Deco flower brooch

Deco flower brooch: £12

Deco sunhat brooch

Deco sunhat brooch: £12


2 thoughts on “Hat Pins

  1. Oooh, loving these! They really reminded me of something I had lurking in my favourites in Etsy:


    I always regret scouring my favourites – it’s like my version of your Plumo addiction! Oh, and Lea Stein too:


    Guess I need to give myself a severe talking to now, so that I don’t go and splurge on brooches and pins!

    A x

    • Good links!! Love the Etsy brooch in particular – gorgeous!

      Buying stuff online is so addictive – I have to stay well clear if I’ve had a glass of wine or two… Suddenly all my resolve not to spend disappears into the internet ether – along with my money!


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