See these shoes? I like these shoes. With their cute t-bar and sturdy heel they have something of the retro about them. Plus, at £7 in the M&S sale they were a total bargain – never to be sniffed at!

See my toes? I like my toes. With their lovely purple nail varnish courtesy of a free five mins last night, they help me stay upright – without them I might topple over!

By the time I got to work this morning my lovely new shoes had shredded my lovely toes until they bled. To give you some perspective of how far a walk that is, I leave the house at about 8.45 on a good day, 8.50 on a late-runner. I start at 9am.


The object lesson here is that a bargainous pair of shoes are not quite so bargainous if they’re going to cost a fortune in plasters!

A dancer friend of mine once told me that her fellow ballerinas in the Northern Ballet soften their blocks with rolling pins, hammers, even chisels before they wear them for the first time…

I’m off to give my new shoes a “worn in” look…


2 thoughts on “Shredders

  1. I hate new shoes. Perhaps I should rethink my aversion for buying shoes from charity stores. At least they’d be worn in!

    Lovely dress and the shoes are cute too. Shame that they shredded your toes 😦

    • That is one of the bonuses of second hand shoes – good quality leather has already been softened up for you by their previous owner!

      I’ll have to see if I can rectify these after a good battering though, because they really are very pretty! 😀

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