Success on a plate

Blog Egg Duo

Life is all about small personal triumphs. On Saturday I bought a bottle of wine WITHOUT getting asked for ID for the first time in at least 3 months (I’m 29 in a fortnight for those in any doubt!). Today I felt really cruddy all day, and decided I wanted a boiled egg for my dinner.

Last time I attempted boiled egg it all went horribly wrong and I ended up with one exploded egg and one hard-boiled. This time I took on Lauren’s advice and pierced them with a needle first, and my Mum’s advice, shortening the cooking time to accommodate the fact that my eggs don’t live in the fridge, and lookit!

Blog Egg

The yolk is runny and dunkable, the white is set so that is doesn’t mar my enjoyment of the yolk – I’d call this a success!

It seems I’m a 4 minute egg kinda gal!


7 thoughts on “Success on a plate

  1. That is success! I went through a bit of a golden age where I always managed to get my eggs right, but that time is past now – they’re always just a little bit too hard boiled…still tasty, but not dunkable. I might try that pin idea though! šŸ™‚

  2. That looks delicious.I think it was a sucess!
    I remember when I was 25 and people kept saying I was 18.It made me mad at that time but how I wished people now told me that(sight).

  3. Oh now I want eggs šŸ™‚ Shall have to include them in my picnic plans with my nephew tomorrow!

    Oooh, must let me know when your birthday is too, so a card can wing it’s way to you!

    A x

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