Red dress blue dress

I ordered a new dress for Saturday’s event. When It arrived it was too big for me, so I took it to be altered… but it won’t be ready until we’re actually ready to leave for London!

So, I’m trying to choose an alternative outfit. And I really need help deciding… which dress?

Blue dress Red dress


23 thoughts on “Red dress blue dress

  1. I voted red and looks like I’m on the winning side 😉
    That dress looks very good on you, very very good.Did I mentioned it looks very good? 🙂

    • Yeah, I’ll post a dress pic when it’s altered. I might not even wear the red (or the blue… though the red is a clear winner so far!) if the new dress fits properly when altered!

  2. The red is gorgeous, and the perfect length! You look so glamorous and it’s very flattering!

    By the way, why do you never look at the camera in any of your outfit posts? Just wondering 🙂

    • Thanks Zoe.

      Honestly? I think I look a bit weird face on! I tend to open my eyes too wide and it never looks natural. If I’m not looking at the camera I don’t know when it’s going to take so I tend to look less posed, facially.

  3. I agree with all of the above – I think the red dress, it’s very slinky! It’s a shame that the dress you planned to wear won’t be ready in time, but I suppose that just means you’ll have to find another party to wear it to….what a hardship!

    • Oooh, another party, eh?! I’m sure that can be arranged! 😉

      I am still hoping that it will fit really well when I pick it up – I’m just thinking that a back-up would be a good idea…

  4. I agree red. But what happened to the turquoisey one with the nice sleeves you wore at your 30s preparation evening? I liked that.


    • I know the one you mean, but it’s not really black tie enough. The dress code says furs and silks of the silver screen – I really need an evening dress for it! xx

  5. Oooh, I went away from the trend and voted blue! I actually love both though and think I was swayed by the bag in the blue pic. You look stunning and very 30’s in both lovely C!

    A x

    • Ooh – you’re bucking the trend! The bag was actually either my Aunt’s or Gran’s in the 60s, and matched a skirt she’d made in the same fabric.

      I really don’t feel very 30s in any of my outfits to be truthful. 😦 I’m not really the right build for the era – better suited to the full skirts/teeny waists of the 50s or sculpted suits of the 40s. And I really wish I could wear my hair loose – I never feel confident with it up. Still, I’m sure once I get there and knock back a couple of glasses of champagne I’ll be fine!


    • They are – but I don’t have the chance to try it until we pick it up, just before we get on the train! It’s going to be tight… (time, not the dress!). I need an alternative in case it doesn’t fit properly. xxx

  6. Oh yes, champagne solves all life’s confidence issues 🙂 Well you’ll just have to make the era work for you lovely & though it might be a bizarre mix of 30’s/50’s/mammal – but you have a whole Jessica Rabbit thing going on with the red dress so go with it!

    Must randomly(ish) link you to this singer:

    thought you might appreciate her vintage/retro sensibilities!

    A x

    • Ooh – me likey! I was watching 4 Music when I should have been in bed last night and was watching a girl with the most amazing style… very retro but kinda modern-retro. Victory rolls with a harlequin dress… wish I could remember her name…

      I like the Jessica Rabbit thing – I do have very wide hips like she does!! 😉


        • Ooh – loving her look too!

          Nope, turns out it was Paloma Faith! I can’t find a picture of her on 4music, but she looked amazing in a harlequin print 1 should dress with HUGE net petticoat, super-high mary janes, victory rolls and a bright yellow formed beret with sparklies! I was really hoping to find a still to put on here… Still, she looks pretty funky in her New York video too!


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