This morning I took my outfit shot as per usual and took off my heels to carry to work as per usual. I left the flat, locked the front door and got all the way down the communal stairs before I realised I’d forgotten an important step – like replacing my heels with flats. Because, y’know, walking across the usual broken glass/broken pavings/rubble-strewn industrial estate in bare feet may have proved something of a challenge…

That is how tired I am at the moment. However, joy of joys, I have managed to book the week of my birthday off entirely! Which means a bit of sleep catch-up, chore catch-up, flat-tidying and general mooching to recharge my worn-out batteries for the first time this year!


Last night I pin-curled just the front of my hair and slept on it. This morning I brushed out the waves, plaited the lengths and pinned them up at the back in a rough approximation of a pincurled bob. I’m still not 100% about this look as it only lasted until lunchtime before it fell out… but it’s an alternative 30s look if I can’t make the plaited front work on the night…

Fake Bob


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