From rags…

… to curls!!

Last night I went to bed in rags.This morning I woke up bright and early (sleeping in rags is unsurprisingly uncomfortable!) to a head full of curls. I may have found the solution to how I’ll wear my hair on Saturday!

WARNING: gratuitous and make-up-free hair shots to follow:

Fesh curls

Crisp curls, fresh out of rags

Brushed out

Brushed out curls – see how the waves have taken shape!

Pin Bob

Very quickly pinned back into a bob.

I’m actually wondering whether I can leave the waves loose – though that way if I do end up in red I might end up decidedly 50s rather than 30s… I wonder if theΒ  30s make-up will be enough to swing it…

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, my FABULOUS orange slip is from Doublespeak on etsy


16 thoughts on “From rags…

  1. Ooh, I love the look of them loose! I’m very jealous, my hair refuses to stay curly if I try to make it like that. They drop out really quickly 😦

    The orange slip is lovely πŸ™‚

  2. I love your curls! I’ve read about rag curls and have been wanting to do it. What did you use as the rags? I don’t have any spare fabric or anything and can’t find something cheap to use as the rags.

    • I used an old pillow case the moths had got at ages ago – been saving it for such an occasion. If you’ve not got a spare I’d suggest either picking one up somewhere like Asda or Primark (or Poundland!) for around the 75p – Β£1 mark, unless you can get one in a charity shop for about 25p!

      Basically you want cotton strips about 1 inch wide and long enough for you to tie easily – maybe 10-12 inches long? The wide and thicker your fabric, the bigger and looser the curls will be. With hair your length I’d stick to a tighter curl though – otherwise the weight might pull them out too quickly!


  3. I love your hair without the brushing in the first pic. You have to do that more often!! I used to have a trick that worked well instead of the rags being tied. I used to get panty hose and cut it into “hair elastics”. I’d take my damp hair and roll it around my finger til it twisted and then I’d make little donuts (think those things that Princess Leila has on the side of her head, only in minature). When it was in place i”d use the panty hose to cover the twists and keep them in place. It works with ordinary hair elastics too! I found it easier to remove and check if it was “ready” and so much quicker to do.

    I used to put my hair in rags when I was younger with much success. After I got my hair cut short I discovered my hair was naturally curly anyway *LOL*

    • Ahh, I have done it that way before – I found I didn’t get quite such tidy ringlets – more sort of loose waves. Do like it like that though!

      Lucky you with natural curls – mine just has something of a kink if I let it dry naturally – not a wave, not a curl… :S

  4. You look sublime, Caroline! I’ve been watching all these retro How To hairdo videos on youtube the last few days… but now after seeing these fabulous curls I think I actually have to get on and dress my own hair up a bit!

    PS. i *love* doublespeak! x

    • Yay! Give it a go Claira! I’ve been watching You Tube too, but half the time it’s not as simple as they make it look!

      I love Doublespeak too – wish I could afford to buy more lovely vintage slips from her!

    • Because I put mousse in before tying, the curls fresh from rags tend to be just a wee bit “crispy” for my liking… My friend used to do hers so they fell out into perfect ringlets – if I could get them to do that I might leave them, but as they’re a bit untidy the way I do them now I think brushing out is necessary.

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