Starting young

Last friday evening was a busy one for me. I left work at 5pm and skipped home as quickly as possible knowing that I was being picked up at 5.40pm to squeeze in a visit the new Soroptimist venue before the girls arrived at 7.30. I got home as quickly as possible, wrote a blog post in 4 minutes (I’d composed it in my head on the way home), replaced my “shredder” shoes with my little customised bow shoes and went to stand on the corner to await my lift.

As I stood there a family approached, Mum, two boys and two little girls. One little girl, whose name turned out to be Madelaine (lovely name!) must have been 3, maybe 4 years old. She was dragging her feet as she passed, and staring lovingly at mine, tugging on her Mum’s hand and whispering. Eventually “Mum” stopped asking her to please keep up and turned to me instead.

“She loves your shoes,” she explained. “We often walk behind you on the way to school in the morning. A few months back you had on some shiny red shoes and she’s been asking me for some the same ever since. And now she wants some with bows on too.”

I just beamed! I know many people would be confused, even dismayed at having their footwear choices admired by a pre-school child, but hell, in my book a compliment is a compliment! And I know I have childish tastes in shoes – I love my Mary Janes, am a sucker for a round toe or a t-bar… and my red shoes are distinctly little girl-ish! I’m just excited to be inspiring the next generation of fashionistas!


Blck polkas

Dress: George; cardi: M&S;
shoes: charity shop (bows added by me)


7 thoughts on “Starting young

  1. Aww, that’s such a lovely story! And you know, I bet that little girl will always remeber you. You’ll be “The Girl With the Shoes” or something. Maybe you just created another shoe addict, who knows?

    Also, red is so lovely on you – love this 😉

    • “The Girl with the Shoes” sounds like a kid’s book! 😀

      The mother did say something about having to keep an eye on her credit cards when she gets older…

      Thank you – people always say I suit red. I should buy more!

  2. Excellent – and as you say, a compliment is a compliment! I seem to have the kind of face that babies and small children like, and I always take that as a compliment. I was walking through the park one day last week and a small child ran up to me and laughed and clapped her hands, it was so cute! Nic says he thought it was because the baby thought I was just a big baby, but I took a compliment where I could find it – that child was clearly telling me I was pretty and stylish and elegant!

    • Awww – that’s lovely! I can remember when I was younger and I used to go into my Mum’s classroom (4 year olds) and read to them during my uni holidays. One time I went in and this little girl put her hand up and asked me “Are you a princess?” I said “No, I’m Mrs Plant’s little girl. Mrs Plant is my Mummy.” And the little girl said “Oh. You look like a princess because you’re really pretty like the princess in my book.” I nearly cried!

      I LOVE kids!

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