All Aboard (Part 1)

Well, I have had the most amazing weekend! And I’m going to tell you aaaalll about it! 😀 But probably in two parts…

Let’s begin Friday. After work I went for pink wine and baked-in-the-box camembert with the girls… which turned out to be just me and Lauren! As disappointing as this seemed at first, we actually ended up having a really good night, just catching up with one another in a way we no longer have opportunity for any more. It’s always good to get a bit of one on one time with friends!

Oh, and here’s Friday’s outfit shot. I quickly changed before going to the pub, but this is what I wore for work:


When I got home from the pub I jumped in the shower and settled in in front of Jonathon Ross to rag tie my hair.

11sep3 11sep4 11sep5

On Saturday morning I woke up just before 9am and began to untie the rags… only to discover they weren’t dry! Our SewMakeBelieve workshop was starting at 10am… which is how this happened:


It’s a look I’ve never gone for before, but I was told I looked quite glamourous!

Our SMB workshop was held at The Quilter’s Den, a treasure trove of quilting notions in Warwick:

Quilters Den

Yup, that’s Kate just peeking through the door!

There’ll be a full write up on the Sew Make Believe blog, so check that out for details, but it really was a lovely relaxing morning. Nat and Christie came along, we all sat and sewed and crafted and chatted – and I made a cushion, entirely from scratch, complete with buttons sewn on for decoration! I was so proud!

Caroline cushion

The workshop finished at 1pm, at which point we piled into Nat’s car and drove back to Leamington, collected my dress from the tailors, drove back to mine, dropping off Lauren en route, and gathered my stuff together for our adventure down to London…

More on that tomorrow when I’m rather less exhausted! Sorry… though trust me, it’s well worth the wait!! 😀 In fact, here’s a sneak preview…



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