All Aboard! (Part 2)

So, we had enjoyed a wonderful morning of sewing with the SMB girls, rushed home, grabbed our stuff and were at the station to meet Nommi for the 2.30pm train to Marylebone. The journey was pretty uneventful (as far as my train journeys go at least!) and on arrival in London we got straight onto the Bakerloo line to Elephant and Castle, the nearest tube stop to our hotel.

On the map this didn’t look too far a walk. I hadn’t taken into account that my oh-so-pretty vintage luggage (hat box, shoe box, vanity case…) was not oh-so-easy to carry. So from my point of view the walk to the hotel was something of a challenge…. The girls repeatedly offered to help, but the stubborn streak I tell everyone I don’t have wouldn’t let me accept their offers – afterall, I had made the choice to carry silly suitcases, I should bear the brunt of my silly decisions!

By this point it was about 5pm and we were all starving, so we dropped our luggage off at the hotel and wandered out in search of fried chicken (my nose was telling me there was some VERY nearby!). We found “Perfect Fried Chicken” and sat down to an actually fantastic chicken fillet burger (and it was a real, whole chicken fillet – not reformed) with salty fries and pop – EXACTLY what was needed at that moment in time!

By which hour it was time to get ready for our big night out!

SS Atlantica

Boarding Pass2

After much preening and primping Nommi, Lauren and I looked like this:

Glam 3

Not bad, huh? We actually ventured  out onto the Old Kent Road dressed like this! We encountered a LOT of funny looks, one young man who whistled under his breath and said “She’s HOT!” to all of us, we smugly decided… though our smugness was short-lived as a few steps further along a group of girls asked one another whether we might be in a pantomime!! Despite the looks and comments we made it to the bus stop, but then Kate saw a taxi and flagged it down, which was probably very sensible…

Walking 3

The taxi dropped us off at St Katherin’s Docks, where we promptly got very lost. Thankfully we weren’t alone, and quickly gathered quite a crowd of lost 1930s starlets and studs, wandering from dock to dock, staggering across slatted bridges in our high heels… when we did eventually arrive at the venue we were late… and they weren’t ready for us! So we were asked to go sit in a bar for 20 mins or so until they could accommodate us.

Lauren wine

We did finally get in, got a nice little table by the dance floor and settled in for an evening sipping champagne, listening to cabaret singers covering Cole Porter and Rodgers and Hammerstein classics (and maybe singing along…) and dancing to songs from pretty much every decade of the last century… but all with a little ukelele panache!



Kate notes

Lauren notes Nommi notes

C notes

After much dancing (and my best Jessica Rabbit impersonation 😉 ) Lauren and I were excited to meet the lovely Miss Fleur De Guerre, blogger and pin-up model whom we’ve both admired for a long while! Stunning in photos, she’s delicately exquisite in “the real world” as well as being just generally lovely! It was a real treat to actually meet her face-to-face!

Me & Fleur

By now we were flagging rather (it had been a long day!) so headed out to catch our cab back to the hotel. We had our second lovely cabbie of the day, who dropped us right by the hotel and told us to be really careful – because it wasn’t a nice area.  Bless!

End of evening

Lauren and Nommi were whisked out onto the dance floor
by a couple of very dapper young gents!!

Definitely a night to remember, and one I look forward to repeating some time soon – or when my bank account has recovered!!


6 thoughts on “All Aboard! (Part 2)

    • Aww, Amber, don’t they do anything like it in Edinburgh? Seems the kinda place they might… If not you’ll have to come with us next time! 😀

      Mind you, you guys get the festival – real culture and all – which makes me insanely jealous…

      Swap?! 😀

  1. Oh my, this looks so wonderful! Am of course hugely jealous (you need a blonde in your photos *ahem*) not least because you met the fabulous Fleur De Guerre!

    You all look beautiful and it looks amazing 🙂

    A x

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