Catching Up

So, I’ve told you guys all about Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday evening, but what about Sunday? Well, it was a lovely end to a fabulous weekend…

We had to be out of the hotel by 10am, so at 9.30am-ish we peeled ourselves out of our (very comfortable) beds, threw our belongings into our cases and checked out. Not wishing to repeat our trek to Elephant and Castle on delicate heads and stomachs we opted for the bus that went direct from Old Kent Road to Marylebone, where we settled into Paul’s cafe for some much needed vats of tea!

Once we were sufficiently rehydrated, Lauren, Kate and Nommi caught the train back to Leamington and I met up with the lovely Sarah for lunchtime catch-ups. We walked to Baker Street where we settled into armchairs in the Volunteer pub to share a sharer: lamb kofte, wedges, crudites, dips, dough balls, houmous… and the most AMAZING calamari – utterly delicious. We drank more tea and generally spent a good couple of hours putting the world to rights – something we don’t get to do very often any more. It was so much easier when we lived opposite one another and could just nip home from sixth form in our free periods for cheesy soup and a cuppa…

So there you go – I ended up having two proper catch-ups with girls this weekend! I have so many more people I need to dedicate some time to, but two is a good start!


Today’s outfit:

Blue knit bright

Yup, it’s actually turned cold enough for a knitted dress!
Navy lurex dress: charity shop; shoes: Topshop via Ebay


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