All Aboard Outfit Shot

Kate just uploaded her pics to facebook, among which was a full length shot of me I thought you might all like to see.

Full length shot

As you can see, I wore the red dress. The blue that we collected from the tailor’s was ok, but had a funny, ill-fitting lump that was very unflattering from the side. I was afraid I’d look too “hippy” in this dress, but eventually I just gritted my teeth and pretended I was Jessica Rabbit – leading from the hips and all – and got rather over-excited when one of the acts sang Why Don’t You Do Right and Lauren and Nommi dragged me onto the dance floor… 😀 Looking at the pics I don’t think it looked nearly as unflattering as I thought!!


If you’re not a facebook friend, but would like to see all the pics you can do so on my flickr photostream.


9 thoughts on “All Aboard Outfit Shot

  1. This is my first visit to your blog and I’ve enjoyed it so much tonight. You look beautiful in red, especially with all that blonde hair! I love vintage clothes too, and look forward to browsing around some of your links!

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