That’s what my afternoon and evening have been! To begin with I actually got stuff done at work – which has been a bit of an uphill struggle of late. Then I came home and took LOTS of photos of stuff I pulled out during the big seasonal wardrobe reshuffle for ebay. THEN I made my corn cakes for tea:


Mmmmmmmm corn cakes!

And then I did this:


Can you tell what it is yet?


I actually kinda over-cooked them. But they’re pretty good dunked in tea… or coffee… or (especially) hot chocolate!


5 thoughts on “Productive

  1. I think this is one of my favourite outfits for you! Though I must say you looked fabulous in your red dress and stole. Red is definitely your colour. (but then I think blue is too!!!)

    • Thank you! This is my “bloated day” dress – the high waist means I can let it all hang out without stressing about my silhouette! I’m usually sore enough on my bloated days without the extra worry…

      I’m wearing red again today! šŸ˜€

  2. Oh wow those corn cakes look delicious, how do you make them??

    The dress is gorgeous by the way, I can’t believe how many pretty dresses you find in charity shops etc, I never have any luck!

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