Finally found!

I have spoken before of my love for Nigella. I know to many she’s annoying, smug, over-sexualised… but I adore watching her cook, find her beautiful to look at and know that her recipes work for me. A while back I remember watching one of her programmes in which she made a fabulous cake in an intricate tin mould which, to me, looked distinctly Victorian in design. I fell instantly in love with it.


I then wasted hours online trying to find it. I checked the series website to see whether they mentioned her bakeware on there, and her online shop to see whether she might be selling them. I scoured Ebay, keying in as many search terms in as many combinations as my tiny brain could compute. And eventually I gave it up as lost, figuring it was some family heirloom, inherited from a grandparent or great aunt of other such relative…

Imagine my surprise when, flicking through The Museum Collection brochure at my Mum’s the other week, I spotted the self same tin!


Tree Cake Tin: £29.99

The design is actually a ring of trees, though I only see that now I look more closley, and by dusting it with icing sugar as she did, Nigella made them look as if their boughs were laden with snow! Guess what’s going on my Christmas list… 😀


7 thoughts on “Finally found!

  1. I’m a huge Nigella fan..I think in her recent tv shows she has almost become a caricature (sp?) of herself but I don’t she can do no wrong in my eyes!! And I have never had a bad cooking experience using her recipes…oh….except the hokey pokey but that served me right as I was going to eat it all myself anyway!!!!
    The tin is divine btw…I hope Father Christmas reads your list!!

    • I’ve been tempted to try the hokey pokey, but am never sure about toffee/caramely things. Ever since I chipped a tooth one bonfire night in my teens I’ve been scared of that type of food stuff! 😀

    • She’s fabulous isn’t she!

      Sorry you’re feeling blue hon. If there’s anything I can do…?

      But don’t worry about commenting – I’ve been really bad lately too. Yet yours is one of the blogs I check every day. I kinda feel like you’re one of those friends I don’t need to speak to once a week, you just catch up occasionally and fall straight back into it. xx

      • Thanks. No, nothing to be done. Just life is all. I’ve had a really tought year and I guess I am just tired now.

        Oh I feel the same. I really do plan on getting back over the pond someday and I am going to make it a point to have at least dinner with you. Its on my list of “musts”.

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