I’m losing mine…


At the very least, I lost my keys this morning. It’s not easy to lose anything in a flat the size of a matchbox (yup, I went there – the shoebox metaphor just wasn’t cutting it any more), though I should point out that so far in the last six months I have also lost a full length hooped bridal petticoat and a wrapped birthday present… Also, I’m a creature of habit, and my habit is to walk through the front door and plonk my keys down on the table just inside the living room. Either way, when I finally found my keys at 9.05am, spooning the oddments that live in the front of everyone’s cutlery drawer (you know, the odds and ends that don’t fit in with the knives, forks and spoons in the actual cutlery tray – the mini whisk you got with a hot chocolate kit, the butter knife you don’t remember actually acquiring, the tea bag strainer and the cork screw) I was more than a little concerned. I mean, even if I had bags of food shopping with me when I got in last night – which I did – no food shopping lives with cutlery! So what is that all about?!

If I were in any doubt about my sanity, my fears were realised on my way home this evening when I spoke out loud to the wall. Actually, I spoke to the writing on the wall, in fact, the graffiti I see as I pass under the railway. I actually answered the graffiti BEFORE I’d registered what it said, which has got to be worrying…

In case you’re wondering, I said aloud, “No you’re not!”

The graffiti said “I am He-Man.”

DSC02338 DSC02340

Sweater, skirt and coat: charity shops; shoes: M&S

I felt really dull in this outfit, but people have been so sweet about how I look in red, I wanted to wear more. Also, is anyone else finding it’s definitely moving towards coat weather? Oh, and if you’re wondering about the white tights this week, I recently freed a box of my wedding stuff from Nat’s loft in which I found the multiple packs of bridal hold-ups I bought for £1 a pop in the M&S wedding store sale. It seemed unfair not to give them some use!


8 thoughts on “Marbles

  1. Perhaps you’re more tired than usual.Sometimes that makes me forget things and talk out loud or say silly things that in retrospective I regret.
    And your outfit is anything but dull.

    • I think I really am overtired. I have a week’s holiday booked next week – the first time in 2009 that I haven’t been taking time off to run around after something or other or go somewhere. Also, the first time I’ve had more than just a long weekend.

      I plan to sleep and read. That’s all!

      Maybe then I’ll find my marbles! x

  2. LOVE the coat. It is perfection!

    I once lost my keys for months and only found them when we moved…behind the medicine in the medicine cabinet! I agree with nurmisur. You’re probably just extra tired. Don’t you have quite a bit going on at work?

    • This coat was a charity shop bargain – it’s becoming a firm favourite!

      In the medicine cabinet?? You see, that’s the kind of think that would make me think someone was playing a trick on me… how would they even end up there??

      Def overtired. Holiday is much needed!

  3. The keys, bridal petticoat and wrapped present are a bit of a concern…..

    But I talk to walls and stuff all the time, and I’m fine! 😉


    • I did eventually find them all – just meant Simon got his birthday present in September instead of May!

      I talk to stuff all the time – the TV, the radio, books, fruit… but usually only in the privacy of my own home. Unless I bump into or stub my toe on something – in which case I’ll quite happily call the inanimate object “meanie” in public. 😀


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