Friday Photo: Wine time

So, after Amber put her Friday photos up and suggested her fellow bloggers do the same I decided to root through my facebook pictures looking for pics of me with wine. As it turns out, wine and I have a pretty close relationship – we’ve been on-again-off-again for several years now, with me straying off the path to experiment with gin and cocktails quite regularly, but always coming back to old faithful. So here, for your pleasure are some Friday photos documenting our rocky relationship:

Champagne at SS Atlantica
Champagne at SS Atlantica
At Grandads 80th
At Grandad’s 80th
Id barely touched my glass!
I’d barely touched my glass!
My 21st with lovely Nat!
My 21st with lovely Nat!

Pink again...

Pink again...

Studying hard...

Studying hard...

Ok, that’s not all of them… but you get an idea. I’ll keep the gin and cocktail shots for next time…


8 thoughts on “Friday Photo: Wine time

  1. Love them! And I feel totally ashamed of my “one expression fits all occasions” approach to my wine photos now!

    (Also, that 21st birthday shot is just gorgeous!)

  2. Given that I’ve pretty much given up drinking on account of the roaring sore head I get after half a glass, there have been no pictures of me with wine glasses for a very long time.

    Although, as I recall, you have a slightly embarassing one of me clutching hold of an empty bottle of something or other as if my life depended on it.

  3. What you should do is get yor friends to contribute any pictures of you and wine that you may not have – un-vetoed! heehee!

    Also, cheers for putting that pic on of me – it’s far from being my favourite! But I still love you!


  4. I (like so many others) have since wanted to pinch this for a blog post of my own, but much to my amazement, I do not have a single photo of myself with my beloved wine!

    I think I may have to start documenting my love of wine with a little more vigour!

    A x

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