Hi guys! I know, I’ve been conspicuous by my absence (as my Step Dad would say), but this week I am on my very first holiday of 2009, and frankly it’s all about me. The rest of the world comes in second place until next Monday – I’m about the sleeping, the reading, the watching of girly DVDs and the general R&R that I need to face the dreaded birthday.

I know, I’m still young blah blah blah, but ever since I left uni I’ve had a feeling of impending doom, what Euan used to call “existential dread” or Holly Golightly would deem “the mean reds” every September. It passes, but having a bit of time off makes dealing with it all much easier…

Anyway, a couple of outfit shots from Friday and Saturday:

DSC02375 DSC02378

Friday was uneventful. Saturday I was out of the house a little after 7.30am to man a charity book stall in the local shopping centre. I sat on the stall til 1am, then I walked down to Ben and Lauren’s brand-spanking-new and enviously lovely flat to help with a little of the lifting and carrying and take a brief trip into town. My Mum was visiting, so we had a delicious meal to celebrate my birthday (Thai food – yummy!) then my Mum and I watched DVDs on the sofa til bed time. On Sunday we took a trip to Ikea before Mummy had to leave.

Today I have done little excluding housework! I finally got my real winter clothes out of storage – coats, velvet and whatnot. Ran two loads of washing through and took lots of photos for Ebay. Oh, and did I mention I lay in til gone 11am? Well, I did!

Yesterday afternoon I bought a pack of reduced lambs liver for 81p in Tesco. I LOVE liver – lambs liver with onions and bacon or chicken livers on a bed of lambs lettuce… delicious! So I was really looking forward to cooking them tonight. But I wasn’t sure how exactly I’d do that…

Having gleaned some expert knowledge from my Mum and read up a few recipes online I came up with a bit of an experiment of my own. Thankfully, it worked!

I mixed some plain flour with spices – cumin, turmeric, nutmeg and paprika, some chilli and garlic flakes and seasoning, and tossed the liver in the flour. Meanwhile in a skillet I heated a tbsp olive oil and browned a chopped onion with a pinch of brown sugar and a slug of balsamic vinegar. When they were soft and the pan was sticky I added the livers and fried them off. Then I removed them from the pan and plated up on rice. I deglazed the pan with a slug of last week’s vegetable stock and another of blueberry balsamic vinegar, reduced it down to a sauce and poured over the livers, squeezed over a quarter of a lime to cut through the stickiness, then garnished with chopped coriander leaves.



The remaining livers (there were lots) are in the fridge, and will be eaten with a handful of chopped iceburg and some mint raita in a wrap or pitta tomorrow! Two delicious meals with 81p worth of meat! Can’t be bad!


6 thoughts on “Holidaaaaaaay!!

  1. Ah, I’m so jealous of your holiday – sounds perfect! I also get The Angst around the time of my birthday, so I know how you feel. Hope you have a good day, anyway!

  2. Oh I’m with you on the mean reds – get them every year in the lead up to my birthday too, often accompanied by thoughts of “what have I done with my life” thoughts at 3 in the morning!

    So, a week off to overcome the dreaded reds sounds perfect – you enjoy your much deserved R&R my lovely.

    A x

  3. Have a good holiday! My birthday is soon as well, and I am also taking a holiday to deal with it (and also as an excuse to go back to the old country and be spoiled by my family) Happy birthday and happy holiday! x

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