= pressies!



They didn’t last long in this state…


My favourite chocs – rose and violet creams, and the latest Boris Akunin


Items from my wishlist! Airmail purse and sewing machine necklace



Vintage linens from my Nat



Baking stuff – cocoa tin, cupcake cases, cookie cutters, piping kit, “gin and titonic” ice cubes and…


GORGEOUS handmade pinny from
Amy of Wonderland Boutique


FABULOUS Marilyn worktop saver from my Daddy and Lorraine
(Confession: I’m often too lazy to get the chopping board out. This was definitely a good idea!!!)

And finally…



Can you guess what it is yet??


Yup, it’s and original Sirram picnic set – with three unused flasks, two sandwich boxes, two screw top bottles, and six each of cups, saucers, side plates, knives and forks! Isn’t it beautiful? This was from my Mummy.

So, now I’m just counting down to next summer, when I’ll be throwing yet more picnics – but only for six from now on! 😉


10 thoughts on “Birthday!

    • Mmmmm – I love flower-flavoured everything! Violet martinis are my fave cocktails in the world!

      Thanks for the birthday wishes, and the lovely comment on my facebook wall. Made me a beam widely! 😀

  1. What a fabulous haul! That picnic set is to die for, almost a shame to use it – but roll on next summer for it’s debut. Loving the Marilyn saver (of course) and sewing machin necklace too – well, those and everything else!

    🙂 Thanks for modelling the pinny! So glad you like it, and that the parcel didn’t get too smooshed in the post. Hope you and your chocs have had a lovely day lovely C!

    A x

    • I did VERY well! Just been over the road to read with kids at the local school, and two little girls LOVED my purse! I only needed my keys and some coins, so took it instead of a handbag…

      Of course, I love it too, thank you! 😀 xxx

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