More birthday stuff…

…I guess this is likely to turn into a birth-few-days!! Hope you don’t mind…

Last night Ben and Lauren cooked me tasty toad-in-the-hole with delicious mash and gravy, then we went to the pub to meet up with some friends. I had a lovely evening (along with lovely wine!) and… more lovely pressies!!


Pretty measuring cups, Ladybird Books Red Riding Hood notebook,
book of sock projects!


Beautiful flowers!

And this is what I wore:


It was a lovely sunny day, but I was determined to wear my velvet since I pulled it out of storage this week! I do love this dress. And now for gratuitous “me” shot, which was intended to show off my necklace and my rainbow make-up, but failed to demonstrate the latter…


This morning I awoke bright and early to let the postman in with a parcel – a box sealed with tape I vaguely recognised from my sleepover swap package… in the box were lovely gifts from fellow blogger Claire of Dolly Dollop – some plates to match my rose pyrex dishes and some of her beautiful handmade bunting! I’m currently undecided between bunting the kitchen or the bedroom (my two favourite rooms!):



If you like the bunting you can order some from Claire’s shop, Ginger Pudding

I also got BEAUTIFUL sunflowers from Ben and Lauren (along with my Tim Minchin tickets – more of that on Sunday!) which I need to pick up from their flat later. So, yeah, probably more pics to follow! You lucky people! 😀


3 thoughts on “More birthday stuff…

  1. I have to say, you are a very lucky girl and people seem t know you very well! I am very jealous!! Heehee!

    Hope you not too hungover lovely!


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