Back to reality

Well, that’s my week’s break over with! Hmmm… when’s the next one?

Yesterday I went to Nat’s for a quiet night in… which turned out to ACTUALLY be a mini-party! There was guest-type-party-folkses who, between them, had sorted out a Mexican-inspired feast (mmmmm, Nat chilli and Rob&Laura dips!) and a birthday cake with cupcake surrounds. We played party games (at least a dozen degrees in the room and boys vs girls trivial pursuit STILL lasted about 3 hours!) and overall the girls’ team came out victorious! It was a lovely surprise – I’m a VERY lucky girl and this last week (to misquote Cilla) I have felt a lorra love! 😀

More pressies:


The remains of the cake:


Being old, but unable to knit, rather than take my knitting with me to Nat’s (because I thought we were slobbing in front of old movies, which always requires some form of distraction for my hands…) I took my lovely thrifted sewing box (the only treasure I found on my travels on Friday!) and stopped in Primark to look at the cheap kiddies’ tights. As a result, before surprise guests started arriving on Saturday, I made Amy!





Isn’t she pretty?!

Today I came back and cooked gammon steaks, new potatoes and creamed corn for Ben and Lauren before they took me to see the BRILLIANT Tim Minchin! He was on top form, helped by the PERFECT timing exhibited by various audience members – the couple who arrived late JUST as he pointed to the two empty seats on the second row and asked where they were; the three girls from the front row who got up to go to the toilet together JUST as he announced his song Confessions: Movement 1, Feminism; the unsuspecting bassist he picked to come on stage and dance with him in a bear costume who took the opportunity to get down/bump and grind behind an unsuspecting Tim! I laughed until my sides hurt (that’s my exercise for the day!) and thoroughly enjoyed myself. And I came away with a canvas bag:


So, just to drive Tim’s message home, here’s his Canvas Bags video:

Sorry, no outfits shots because… my camera is broken AGAIN! It was fine Thursday, I left it on the bookshelf as usual overnight and on Friday night when I turned it on the screen had gone. It still take pictures, but I can’t SEE what I’m shooting or even use any of the functions – including the self-timer. I’m a month out of warranty now, and VERY upset as I spent more on this one, thinking because it was a Sony it would be better and last longer. Yet in the 13 months I’ve had it, it has broken twice, and looking online I’m not the only one having problems. I’ll be having stern words at the shop when I take it in – it’s just ridiculous.


12 thoughts on “Back to reality

  1. Dollhouse!!! Superb! Glad you had a great time at Tim Minchin.

    Re your camera, let me know if you want to borrow our spare camera until you get yours fixed/sorted… x

  2. Even out of warranty, you still have your consumer rights, and 13months is NOT a reasonable amount of time for a product to last before breaking! Get in there and quote some law at them and give them your sternest look – they should be desperate to refund you at the end of it.

    Tim Minchin sounded awesome. Glad you had a good time.

    • Thank you! I’ll def be taking this for moral support. I’ve broken cameras before, by dropping or whatever, but this one wasn’t dropped or banged or hit or sat on… it just stopped working. The six years will def be quoted!!


  3. Oh Tim Minchin joy! I adore him – almost got to go see him at Cardiff a few weeks back, but he sold out last minute 😦

    Am loving your thrifted sewing box too – deers and birds = Amy-shaped heaven!

    A x

    • The box is lovely isn’t it! I’d prefer if it were wooden, but a tin works perfectly well as a travel companion!

      Timmy was wonderful – shame you missed out on tickets! Ben and Lauren booked mine in April I think – long way in advance!


  4. Love the sewing box and the doll! What’s the box made from? Is it tin?

    Glad you had a good time last night and I like the bag message. Wish more people would catch on. I’ve started leaving unnecessary plastic wrappers at the check-out in Tesco’s. They take it well but it needs more people to do the same before it will make a real difference! xxx

    • Yes, the box is tin. And I’m glad you like Amy! She’s a little different to the projects in the book – more traditional… but she’s my own design!

      I get really annoyed when I take loose veg to the check out and they start to bag them individually for me. Mind, I try to always take canvas bags, but some days I do forget… xxx

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